Bratz rock the Neon Runway with their Pets!

Miss Eight is definitely a Bratz fan! From the time she received her first Bratz dvd, they have been her favourite dolls – she’ll take them over any other any day!

I’m consistently amazed at how, despite the fact she is constantly losing things in the house, she is always able to find her Bratz accessories – they are obviously really important to her (I think it is because, like the Bratz, she has a “passion for fashion”!).

Now the Bratz have a new look and some new pets! The Bratz Neon Runway dolls are taking the runway by storm with their neon trimmed fashions and adorable pets. Each doll comes with her own pet dog and leash!

I have to confess that I actually thought the Bratz Neon Runaway dolls were the cutest ones I’d seen yet! I think it is their pet dogs and leashes that truly make them fun (and even better for creative play!).

Miss Eight was pretty thrilled, to say the least! Her favourite from the group is Chloe – she likes the pink highlights in Choe’s hair, her rock-style outfit (including pink and black boots!) and the matching pink on her puppy! I personally think Jade looks really cool – I love her top and cute dog (which is good because if Miss Eight asks me to play, I’m going to guarantee that I’ll never get to play Chloe!).

Bratz Neon Runaway dolls are available at stores nationwide, including Toys”R”us, and have a suggested retail prize of $19.99 each.

MGA Toys makes a variety of cools toys, including Lalaloopsy dolls, Little Tikes and Moxie Girls. You can learn more about their line of toys by visiting Kidsumers.

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4 Responses to Bratz rock the Neon Runway with their Pets!

  1. Shirley says:

    These are so cute with their pets on a leash.

  2. Elva Roberts says:

    May 11-I actually won some Bratz dolls last spring in a giveaway. They were dressed in Leather, I believe and I hadn’t seen them before. I did not know how popular until I took them out to show my daughter’s Grandchildren and they took ownership so fast, My head said::’ Wow, these dolls are popular!”
    Your Runway dolls are cuter, I think and I can’t wait for a giveaway and hope I am really lucky again. I also won some Lalapaloosy Dolls and the little girls LOVE them. -el03ro :

  3. Kathleen Blom says:

    I think my older daughter will definitely like these.

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