Make Easter about Giving!

I am not a deeply religious person, though I was raised in the church. While I don’t follow conventional traditional conventions, I do firmly believe in the spirit of giving that I believe is embedded in this holiday.

As each holiday approaches, I ask myself, “How can I give back?” Having been through good times, and bad, there are so many ways to give back that don’t cost a fortune but can make the lives of others so much better!

As the holiday has approached, I’ve been sorting through and packing up items that we no longer use but can still help others. These boxes went to a local charity that that I know will give them to others who can use them more than we can!

The second stop was at the Food Bank. With coupons and sales, I have been buying a little extra here and there. The result? Two large boxes of food to share with others who deserve a few treats to make their day brighter!

I also put together some items to send to a friend who is planning a trip that will make the lives of people in a far-away country better. Having asked what she needed, I’ve been working together at assembling some things. Knowing that, on the other side of the world, these items will bring a smile to people’s faces and make their daily lives a bit easier is a great feeling!

By doing these things, I am helping others who I’ll never meet but I’m also helping myself! I think it great for the girls to see that helping others when you can should be a part of your life and it makes me feel good to know that I’m making a difference!

So, as you share this holiday with the ones you love, take a moment to think about how you can also help others. It will make both you, and someone else, feel great! And what could be better than that?

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9 Responses to Make Easter about Giving!

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    April 7-I agree with you that helping others is a great source of happiness for you and them. I sponsor a boy in Central America through Chalice, a wonderful organization that matches up needy children with sponsors. I get an update and a letter from him and a report of his schooling. I like to think we are making a difference in the lives of one young boy and his family.el03ro

  2. ccmouse says:

    That is awesome, Maggie!

    I try really hard to teach my kids about how blessed we really are. We live in an amazing country full of opportunity. We have a home, heat, clothing and food on our table, which is actually the minority in this world. I think it is so important to teach children young, so they know how lucky we really are.

    Happy Easter.

  3. Rebby says:

    Well said my dear! It’s so important to give, and realize how much you really have.

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  5. Anne Taylor says:

    We believe in giving back all year long and especially on holidays. We don’t have much, but we donate things that I win and things that I get free regularly! Its always good to give back!

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  7. Kathleen Blom says:

    I defintely agree it is better to give than to recieve.

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