2011 Favourites – VH Steamers and Healthy Choice Steamers

Last week, I started talking about some of my favourite things that I tried in 2011 and are now staples in my home!

ConAgra Foods CanadaLast year I was lucky enough to try out 2 different type of steamers – VH Steamers and Healthy Choice Steamers.

What I Initially Thought
Because I have been a fan of VH products for many years, I was excited to try the VH Steamers. I learned that I really liked the flavours of the Honey Sesame Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken and Shanghai Ginger Beef! I am also pretty conscious of the calories that I count (which is why we don’t get take-out Chinese food very often) and the cost, I was impressed by VH Steamers on both counts! I could enjoy an amazing Chinese meal and, with sales, often pay only $3 for it!

I also tried a number of the Healthy Choice Steamers because I love the fact that they are low calorie dinner options! My favourites were the Sweet Sesame Chicken and the Pineapple Chicken, though I also really liked the Beef Merlot too!

Why It is Now One of My Favourites
The VH Honey Sesame Chicken continues to be one of my favourite frozen meal choices! I love the flavour of the sauce, the combination of chicken and vegetables and the noodles (I always choose Asian noodles over rice when I get the chance!). At 400 calories per serving, I can enjoy a taste of Asia without worrying about how many calories I’m eating!

And, as I do love my pasta, I’m also still eating the Healthy Choice Steamers – particularly the Grilled Balsamic Chicken! I love the fresh, tangy flavour of this meal and I never have to worry that I’m eating too much pasta! Plus, I get 16% of my daily fibre intake (which is a huge for me – since turning 40 I’ve felt the need to call myself “the Queen of Fibre” as I’m always looking for ways to ensure I’m getting my daily level!).

My Hopes for the Future
I’m hoping that VH Steamers will develop more meals with noodle options – perhaps they make a Pineapple Chicken with Noodles? (A girl can dream!)

I also hope that Healthy Choice Steamers will continue to expand their product line. The steamer technology makes these meals taste fresh and I love that I am able to enjoy a single portion with no guilt because I know how many calories, carbs (including fibre) and sodium I’m eating!

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4 Responses to 2011 Favourites – VH Steamers and Healthy Choice Steamers

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    April 30- Reading your post on these low-fat healthy meals inspires me to go out and purchase them to help me on my weight loss plan. I will probably wait for a sale and stock up on them. I have eaten these meals before and really enjoyed them. Thanks for reminding me of their benefits.-el03ro

  2. Shirley says:

    It is nice that a healthy meal can be prepared this easily.

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    We love VH Steamer meals in our house, especially VH® Steamers™ Chicken Teriyaki! We all adore them and they are of such high quality and the flavour is outstanding!

  4. Kathleen Blom says:

    I will have to try one. You make them saund so good.

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