Dorset Cereals Giveaway – 2 winners! (Canada)

A couple of monthes ago I went to a Healthly Living Retreat where I learned a lot of things (and received some reminders!) about health, nutrition and finding a balance between body, mind and spirit!

When talking about nutrition, we talked a great deal about “super foods” that have amazing natural properties and are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. We also talked about the importance of eating breakfast and how making healthy choices in the morning can impact the rest of your day!

Dorset Cereals have some other great suggestions for brightening up your breakfast!

Here are some easy breakfast suggestions to brighten up your breakfast—and your entire day:

Set out the perfect bowl, the perfect spoon and the perfect cereal.

Too rushed in the morning? Set out your bowl and your box of Dorset cereal the night before. Preset your coffee machine and have a sit-down breakfast.

Add a glass of high antioxidant juice like pomegranate or orange juice with added calcium and Vitamin D.

Set a pot of flowers on the kitchen table. Studies have shown that flowers or plants help brighten your mood.

Eat mindfully in the morning. Skip the paper in the morning and focus on the food. You’ll feel more satisfied and will be less likely to snack on junk food later on.

Do some morning stretches as soon as you wake up. Focus on a positive thought before getting out of bed.

Experiment with different flavoured coffees. Or try making a latte with stronger coffee and hot or cold skim milk.

Listen to upbeat music—it has a powerful impact on your mood.

Set breakfast up in a different room or area. In the summer eat your cereal in the garden. In the fall and spring, sit on the front porch when the weather is warm.

Meditation and deep breathing have been shown to help you think better, feel better, and live longer. Do some deep breathing exercises to help calm your soul. Breathe in through your nose for a count of four out through your mouth for a count of seven.

Skip reading emails until after breakfast or until you’re in the office.

I love these ideas almost as much as I adore Dorset Cereals!

The beauty of Dorset Cereals are that they come in 7 different varieties. Described as “a simple blend of oats, flakes, fruit, nuts and seeds”, the different varieties highlight different combinations of natural ingredients.

My favourite? The simply nutty muesli! I love dates, which are one of the key ingredients of this variety, which makes it a hit with me! I also like the super high fibre muesli as I’m always trying to find ways to add fibre to my diet! I enjoy this variety spinkled on raspberries as it adds a sweet and nutty taste to my favourite fruit!

And the girls? Their favourite is the Honey Granola! They want to eat it all day long!

So if you are looking for a gift for your health-conscious mom, get her some Dorset Cereal – she’ll love it more than chocolate!

Giveaway: Two (2) readers from Canada will each win a Dorset Cereals gift bags including a getaway lunch tote and 7 different varieties of Dorset cereal (a retail value of $75 each)!!

Remember, you must complete the mandatory entry in order for your extra entries to count (entries without the mandatory first entry will be discarded)!

Each entry should also appear in a different comment (do not put them together into one comment).

Mandatory entry:
To enter the giveaway, check out the 7 different varieties of Dorset Cereals and tell me why you’d like to try the most! (1 entry).

Daily Entries:

  • Follow me Twitter AND tweet the following (please include the link to your tweet): Canadians – give your mom something tasty&healthy! Win 1 of 2 Dorset Cereal prize packs ($75 value!) @ReviewCorner ends 06/01
  • Check out the Dorset Cereal’s store locator and share the name of your local store where you can buy Dorset Cereal (1 entry)

Additional Entries:

  • subscribe to My Little Review Corner’s RSS feeds (or tell me you already receive them)– include the email address you used (1 entry)
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  • Comment on any of my non-giveaway posts – let me know which post you have commented on (1 entry per post – unlimited entries)

Want another chance to win? Visit Kidsumers for another chance to win another Dorset Cereal prize pack!

*Contest closes at 11:59 PM pm EST on Friday, June 1st, 2012 . Open to residents of Canada, 18+ years of age.*

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721 Responses to Dorset Cereals Giveaway – 2 winners! (Canada)

  1. Angie Andrews says:

    The Real Canadian Superstore is my local store

  2. Soozle says:

  3. Soozle says:

    I could buy Dorset at London Drugs on St Marys rd
    June 1

  4. Gizele says:

  5. Elva Roberts says:

    June 1-Today I commented on ‘Community-Do you feel connected?’-el03ro

  6. C Wilson says:


  7. angela m says:

    daily tweet


  8. angela m says:

    I can buy them at Pete’s Frootique
    1595 BEDFORD HWY
    Bedford, NS B4A 3Y4
    {May 14}…,,

  9. Janette says:

    on the shelves at London Drugs

  10. Soozle says:

    I commented on the Free Hugs! post

  11. lelalacc says:

    june 1
    fine food market

  12. lelalacc says:

    daily tweet

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