Help Dad Get Healthy! Adult Essentials Giveaway (Canada) @AdultEssentials

The men in our lives deserve to be as healthy as they can be and Adult Essentials can help them do that!

What man doesn’t love a good tasting gummy every once in a while, after all, many men are just kids at heart, right?!

Adult Essentials taste so yummy that they are hard to turn down, in fact, they are difficult to forgot because they taste THAT good!

Adult Essentials are pectin based gummy vitamins that are:

  • gluten free, nut free, dairy free;
  • approved by Health Canada;
  • made with natural flavours and colours; and last (but not least),
  • tasty!

My dad is not a vitamin fan – he says he has enough medications to take (that being said, he never took vitamins before he took medication but that’s another story!). I want my dad to stick around as long as possible because, well…I’m a Daddy’s girl! So I decided to share Adult Essentials Vitamins to see if I could convince him that not all vitamins are created equal. He loved them! He said that he liked the gummy format and it made taking vitamins easy. Chalk one up to Adult Essentials for their gummy goodness!

Want to learn more about Adult Essentials?
Check them out online at their website, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

Adult Essentials are available online as well as a variety of pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide.

Adult Essentials along with Multi-Testing Mommy and a group of amazing bloggers (and me – I’m trying to be modest here!) are co-hosting a Dads Deserve to be Healthy Giveaway to celebrate healthy choices made by dads in Canada.

Would you like to enter to win a handsome monogramed black gym bag packed with Adult Essentials for that important Dad in your life? You can enter this great giveaway by filling out this Rafflecopter form.

This giveaway is open to Canadian residents only. It begins on May 14th at 12:01 AM EST and ends on June 17th 12:01 AM EST.

*Disclosure: My Little Review Corner is not hosting this giveaway and is not responsible for prize fulfillment in any way. This giveaway is being held by MultiTesting Mommy and Adult Essentials.*

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12 Responses to Help Dad Get Healthy! Adult Essentials Giveaway (Canada) @AdultEssentials

  1. Stephen says:

    Would like to win & try the gummy vitamins, have a very hard time swallowing pills

  2. Cathy says:

    I learned about the different vitamins being water soluble. Why they are important to have in our diets. Also that it is gulten-free which I just learned that I need to change my diet as I have Celiac disease.Great to find a vitamin mixture that is easy to use and so beneficial.

  3. Leah says:

    Vitamin D helps in maintaining good health and preventing disease.

  4. julie says:

    I learned that they are gluten free and therefore good for people with fibromyalgia!

  5. andalene says:

    All three help to maintain good health and prevent disease.

  6. Dale says:

    I would love to win this for my husband who is gluten intolerant or my son who plays a lot of sports.

  7. debbie f says:

    They maintain good health and prevent disease.

  8. Gary Thandi says:

    I learned that Vitamin B7 plays a key role in the production and release of energy from fat, and that it’s a critical component in the production of glucose in the liver, which is responsible for helping us maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

  9. thomas rusinak says:

    what a great prize!

  10. Marilyn Legault says:

    I learned that Adult Essentials are gluten free and help you stay healthy. Still need a healthy diet and exercise along with the vitamins!!

  11. M Turner says:

    Vitamin D is good for healthy bones my happiness,  we don’t eat enough omega’s found in food we need to supplement them to maintain our health.  Vitamin B is essential for promoting healthy tissue formation

  12. My poor hubby is from Egypt and I’m sure he’s now deficient! >>Over the last few years research has identified that the majority of the population is vitamin D deficient. Especially in northern climates where there is limited sun exposure during the winter months. Therefore most of the population should supplement their diet with a vitamin D supplement.

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