Ravensburger combines fun and entertainment!

The girls love toys and I love the fact that I can find fun, engaging and educational toys all at the same time. Where is my favourite place to get them? Ravensburger is an amazing choice!

Mario’s Pizzeria is a fun toy that Little One think is a real hoot and I like it because it helps her develop her fine-motor skills! Cook up an Italian storm with Chef Mario and create tasty pizzas in the push-to-bake wood fired oven. Put Mario on the chimney and spin him round to choose your delicious toppings, choose between margarita, pepperoni or vegetable flavour. When the pizzas are ready send Marco the delivery boy on his push-along trike to deliver the pizzas.

Miss Eight has inquisitive and is always asking questions about the world around her. For that reason, I thought that the XXL Children’s Globe was a great choice because she can strengthen her problem-solving skills that are needed to put together a puzzle (especially a 3D one!) and then she can learn about the world around her! This colourful world map is a great way to introduce your child to world geography. The design also shows different animals in the continents where they live. The 108 plastic pieces are curved to form a perfect sphere once assembled and each one is numbered on the back to help you get the pieces in the right place. The finished puzzleball measures 20cm in diameter when complete, and comes with its own display stand, allowing the finished globe to be rotated. The puzzleball can also be taken apart to complete again another day.

I also like games that engage the entire family so Whoowasit? is an excellent choice! The people of the castle are in a panic: someone stole the king’s magical ring! The ring protects the kingdom against the evil wizard. The castle animals witnessed the thief during the night and can give clues to what the thief looks like. Only children can understand the animals when they speak, so it all depends on you to save the kingdom! The chest contains intelligent electronics that ensure each game is different and exciting every time. Listen as the animals speak from the chest and give you clues. By pressing the buttons, you will choose whether to search the rooms, speak with the animals or engage in magic. Work together as a team to find the magical ring before your time runs out!

We all thought it was a lot of fun and, while Little One didn’t grasp the finer points of the game, she thought that the interactive part of the game was fun and wanted to “play” along with us!

You can find Ravensburger toys at various retailers across the country.

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5 Responses to Ravensburger combines fun and entertainment!

  1. great review. I have to get the Whoowasit? game. It sounds like so much fun and price is not bad at all. $49.95. Thanks.

  2. Elva Roberts says:

    May 15- Thank you for bringing the name of Ravensburger for toys to our attention,. Here, all the buzz is about ‘Toys “R” Us, which is a fine line of children’s toys. It is also good to be able to check out other toy stores and find something possibly new and magical for your child. Thank you, again. -el03ro

  3. Shirley says:

    I’m interested in the XXL Children’s Globe.

  4. Anne Taylor says:

    My grandkids love anything from Ravensburger! I especially love the globe! Thanks!

  5. Kathleen Blom says:

    I love the globe. My older daughter also constantly asks questions about the world and this would be fun to do with her.

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