Rubbermaid Makes Lunch Easier! (Giveaway – Canada)

As I know I have mentioned, I am working hard to lose weight and get healthy. One of my biggest stumbling blocks in the past was that I found it hard to get organized when I am making my lunches for work. If I wanted to have a salad, I needed a container for the salad, another for dressing and yet another one for anything else I wanted to put on my salad (like croutons or raisins). Then I would have to remember to wash out all the containers, get them all back into my lunch container and bring them home with me. What a pain!

Rubbermaid has made my life so much easier and helped me to stay on track with eating healthy!

When I saw the LunchBlox Salad Kit, I was absolutely astounded – why had noone thought of this idea before? The LunchBlox has Blue Ice on the bottom that keeps my lunch cool during my commute to work. Because it stacks together and includes a salad container, a toppings tray and a salad dressing container, I no longer have to worry about trying to pack all of my containers together and track them!

So now I am able to make awesome salads (like the taco salad fixings above) and it is super-easy to pack, to store and to clean! The beauty of this container is that is also microwave-safe, so I am able to heat up any part of my salad fixings in the microwave with no worries! Having the LunchBlox Salad Kit really has made my life easier!

And, for Miss Eight, there is also a LunchBlox Sandwich Kit! With the same Blue Ice to keep her lunch cool, I also appreciate the fact that the LunchBlox containers have secure lid seals (no more worries about her lunch going all over the place when she carries it to school!) and it is BPA-free! The Sandwich Kit includes 2 snack containers, 1 side container and 1 sandwich container (the container will also hold regular and speciality bread which means I can also make a sandwich on pumpernickel and use this LunchBlox as well!). Since the containers stack compactly to stay organized, it is really easy to pack things up and send them off!

I’m so impressed with Rubbermaid LunchBlox containers – they’ve made it easier to follow my diet and made it easier to pack lunches for everyone!

Giveaway: One reader from Canada (excluding Quebec) will win a 4 piece kit – 2 Salad kits and 2 Sandwich kits (a $50 value)!

Remember, you must complete the mandatory entry in order for your extra entries to count (entries without the mandatory first entry will be discarded)!

Each entry should also appear in a different comment (do not put them together into one comment).

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*Contest closes at 11:59 PM pm EST on Friday, June 22nd, 2012. Open to residents of Canada (excluding Quebec), 18+ years of age.*

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  1. paul sharpe says:

    i would like to try the LunchBlox Lunch Bags

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    I’d like the 20 Piece Set Premier set

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    June 22–Did daily and final tweet for this Rubbermaid LunchBlox giveaway.–el03ro

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    I would love to try the Glass with Easy Find Lids
    {May 28}…..

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  10. Anne Taylor says:

    I’d like to try their Modular Canisters from their Food Storage Line

    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

    june 22

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    20 pc lock

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    june 22
    the 20 pc lock-its set

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    Divided Easy Find Lid Container

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    Daily Tweet

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    Another product
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