Starting Strong Mondays – You Feel What You Eat!

I know I have been MIA a little more than usual. While I feel badly because I’m not writing every day, it is well worth it to me because I’m using that time to get healthier and all my hard work is continuing to pay off!

This past week I have continued to exercise regularly and watch what I eat. And the results have been pretty awesome!

Last week I lost another 2.6 pounds, which means I have lost 26 pounds since January 1st.

Yesterday was interesting because I learned, very quickly, how a change in diet can impact my health. As I have been doing so well, and being so strict with myself, I decided to have 2 hotdogs for supper. I made sure they stayed within my daily caloric intake so I thought they would be a tasty change. What I learned, though, was that after eating them, I felt sluggish and tired. I lacked energy and focus. What did I learn? Food is the fuel of my body and, the same way I wouldn’t put pop in my gastank, I shouldn’t put unhealthy foods in my body. Lesson learned!

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15 Responses to Starting Strong Mondays – You Feel What You Eat!

  1. Melanie @ Thinking Thin Loving Food says:

    Wahoo! That is wonderful :).

  2. multitestingmommy says:

    This lesson is SO true! I’ve found that with sugar! You are doing so well! Keep it up, girl!

  3. You are doing fantastic! I agree the right foods make a difference.

  4. Ashley S says:

    It’s amazing how our bodies signal us when we’ve put poisin in them! The old saying “You are what you eat” isn’t referring to the outward appearance to me. I think it’s saying you’ll only feel as good as the quality of the food that goes into your body. Yay that you’re taking such great care of yourself!!

  5. Elva Roberts says:

    June 4– You are doing wonderfully well and you keep us motivated to go on. I am back on track at laslt and hope I can do as well as you are doing. Thank you for sharing as this is a long struggle for a lot of us1-el03ro

  6. Congrats on the healthier living! Blogging is fun but living is way more important!! Keep it up!

  7. Anne Taylor says:

    Congrats on the weight loss! Its very true that the food we eat is our fuel and when we eat crappy stuff, we feel crappy!

  8. Elle says:

    Congratulations on your inspiring weight loss. I agree, that what we eat really impacts our energy levels, moods, etc. Good for you for paying attention.

  9. A.Smith says:

    Very inspiring to stick with the right choices… congrats on your continued success 🙂

  10. Mag says:

    Congrats on the weight loss and your progress to eating more healthy!

  11. Kathleen Blom says:

    Congrats on the weight loss. It is great to hear success stories.

  12. loucheryl says:

    I understand how you feel when you eat something crappy. I always feel sick when I eat something greasy. This feeling never happens when I eat well.

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