Jonas Inspires – Giving Back with Love in the Mirror (and How You Can Help!)

There are moments when you encounter a person or have an experience that moves you beyond words.

As I’ve talked about before, giving back to others is an amazing feeling. The reward is two-fold: the person receiving your assistance (whether it be food, household items or even a kind word) receives a hand up while you, as the recipient, receive so much more!

I’ve always been touched by The Secret Millionaire – I began watching it a few years back on BBC Canada (as it originated in the UK) and, more recently, I’ve had the opportunity to watch episodes from the United States. It never fails to move me to tears – between seeing astounding labours of love that people do to help others to their own amazed reactions when they receive money to help them in their ventures, there is a lot to take in and I’m always blown away by the care and compassion of the people who start these unselfish ventures to help others in their community.

Of all the things I’ve seen, however, I was touched more than ever been before when I watched last week’s episode and saw Jonas from Long Beach, California.

In a community that has a large homeless population (including a staggering 14% homelessness rate among children!), Jonas is one little boy with a HUGE heart!

Jonas helping out and giving back!

At the age of 6, Jonas started a non-profit organization called Love in the Mirror. As outlined on the Love in the Mirror website, Jonas began volunteering when he was just 4 years old by feeding homeless people on Skid Row with his mom and aunt Janet. It was just 2 short years later that he decided to take it one step further and start his own organization to benefit homeless youth. Since then, Jonas has helped over 7,000 people with basic necessities like food and clothes. He has organized drives, picked up donations, spoke in front of hundreds of people and inspired everyone he meets….Jonas believes that everyone can make a difference no matter how old you are or where you came from.

On the Secret Millionaire, I was able to see Jonas in action — putting together kits for youth in the community, visiting a preschool to provide donations (as the entire school’s population is made up of children in families that are homeless) and as well as assembling and helping to hand out sandwiches to local homeless people in the park.

The enormity of Jonas’ selflessness and the obvious support of his family just boggled my mind!

In a time when it is so easy to say we are too busy to help others, this little boy is making a huge difference in his local community!

Love in the Mirror is now a registered non-profit charity. While I don’t live in Long Beach or in California (heck, I don’t even live in the US!), I will be donating to Love in the Mirror because I believe that many hands make light work and if one little boy is working hard to make a huge difference in the lives of others then I want to help him!

I would encourage you all to donate as well! While we can’t all provide huge donations (I’m no Secret Millionaire for sure!), even a few dollars can go a long in helping someone!

Thank you, Jonas, for all of your hard work and helping me to see how easy it is to give back and help other people!

Gathering donations is obviously tiring work!

You can learn more about Jonas and Love in the Mirror by visiting their website, following Love in the Mirror on Twitter and liking them on Facebook!

**I received no compensation of any type for this post – I simply wanted to share my thoughts on Jonas and Love in the Mirror and encourage you all to give back! All photos published with permission of Renee Corona, Director of Love in the Mirror (and Jonas’ Mom!)**

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9 Responses to Jonas Inspires – Giving Back with Love in the Mirror (and How You Can Help!)

  1. Wow. This is unbelievable! So comforting to know that there are good people in the world, as well as good, kind hearted children. Selflessness is important!

  2. Christine says:

    WOW! What an amazing young man! Really touching post. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  3. inrdream says:

    WOW I got goosebumps! THANK YOU Jonas for having such a HUGE giving heart!!!!

  4. Elísia says:

    i agree with your thought. thank you for your sharing.

  5. I watched this episode as well but missed the first part that described Jonas’ mission. What an inspiring young man. He is truly a wonderful person. I love the Secret Millionaire!

  6. Ester G says:

    This post brought a tear (or three….) to my eyes, Jonas is amazing and I wish there were more people like Jonas in the world!

  7. Elva Roberts says:

    July 12-It has been said: “A little child shall lead them.’- This really comes to life in the life of this young boy, Jonas. It is amazing and humbling to see such compassion in one so young. Thank you for sharing his story with us. You made my day!-el03ro

  8. Mag says:

    What a great story. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Kathleen Blom says:

    What an inspiring story.

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