Starting Strong Mondays – Facing Reality

This week was a tough one for me because I found myself really emotional. I’m a pretty tough chick but I’m a bit like an M&M – hard on the outside and squishy on the inside (by the way…if there is any question about how ingrained food is in my life, the fact that the only analogy I could find was a candy pretty much says it all!). That being said, I spent a lot of time (read that as TOO MUCH TIME) reflecting on things and it made me really sad. I was in a funk.

At the end of the week I thought I had rocked and I was going to see a huge loss on the scale – I had plans to hit the gym even more and I had done that…or so I thought! I’d also eaten fairly well, minus a large Chinese dinner one night.

Then I got on the scale. And I did lose weight. I lost 2.2 pounds. Which should have been great, but given what I thought I’d done I was shocked that it wasn’t more.

Then I sat and wrote some things down.

There were days when I’d gone to the gym more and worked really hard….but there were also 2 days when I had done no exercise and 1 day when I’d gone for a walk instead of going to the gym.

And, while I’d eaten clean most of the week, when I sat and realized what I’d eaten in that Chinese food meal – well, basically I’d negated all of the healthy eating and portion control in one fell swoop!

So what I have learned?

I need to be honest with myself and write down not only what I’m eating but also the exercise that I’m doing.

I need to go to bed earlier so I’ve got more energy to exercise during the day (it also helps me not to get so emotional as I tend to do that when I’m overtired).

I need to realize that 1 poor choice can undo a lot of great work and it simply isn’t worth it AND that I shouldn’t eat to try and push down my feelings. That hasn’t worked for the past 40 years…so it certainly isn’t going to work now!

I also got a huge reality check when I checked my weight on the Where are you on the global fat scale?. Though I wasn’t thrilled with the results, it made me open my eyes to what I already knew. Even with a weight loss of over 28 pounds, I am still outside a healthy BMI and I still have a lot of work to do. It was actually a great motivator!

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15 Responses to Starting Strong Mondays – Facing Reality

  1. congrats for losing the 2.2 – I know it isn’t where you wanted to be, but it’s still something!

  2. Christine says:

    Wow! 28 lbs weight loss is fabulous!!! Sounds like you already have the tools to succeed in reaching your goal 🙂 Keep up the great work! This is such a great post! So true about the reality check. Had the same experience recently 🙂

  3. A 2.2lbs loss for one week is great! Technically you aren’t supposed to lose more than 2lbs in a week. But I know how you feel when you want to see a bigger loss.

  4. remember as you build musclel mass you will lose less or that is what I was told. Good for you on your loss this week.

  5. Soozle says:

    Don’t let a few ‘bad’ days get you down! The numbers on the scale are not as important as HOW you feel – you could be gaining muscle, retaining water, etc.

    If you are feeling better, your clothing fitting better and just generally happier – THAT is what is important. The rest will come in time!

    It took how long to put on the weight? It can’t come off over night – but you will get there! 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words! I know I may sound harsh, but I’ve spent many years in denial about my weight and the issues surrounding it. I’m working “tough self-love” as my approach – I know there may be times when I give it my all and I struggle but I know if I don’t look critically at what I’m doing I won’t change my behaviours and I’ll end up in the same place I have been (and no longer want to be). I appreciate everyone’s support and thoughts!

  6. 28 lbs is awesome! WTG! We all tend to fudge once in awhile. You recognize that and you did still lose weight. So that’s great 🙂

  7. ccmouse says:

    I think any loss should be celebrated. You are really on track for success, Maggie!

  8. Anne Taylor says:

    2.2lbs is great! I know when I went to the dr last time and got weighed, I had only lost 4 lbs and I felt defeated. Our minds do such horrible things to us! Keep on keeping on and you’ll get there when its time!

  9. thriftymommagogo says:

    Hello you! Listen seriously I just want to hug you, it seems like you are trying really hard!! So cut yourself some slack and stay strong. I can’t wait to follow the rest of this story.


  10. Ester G says:

    Be proud of your 2.2lb weight loss, you’re doing great!! Anyone who has ever tried to loose weight knows how hard it is. I myself am an emotional eater. Bad food when I am anxious, sad, tired, and right now I am working so many hours I have started looking at food as a reward for putting in the extra hours. Yikes!

  11. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    Be gentle on yourself my dear as losing weight is a mighty hard thing to do and 2.2 lbs is great! I think you are doing fantastic and I would hate to see you get down on yourself & ruin your focus. Lets just say I have completely given up on trying to lose weight for a while. I have not been on a scale in months. I took a break from it all because I was always beating myself up for not being more strict with my intake and lack of exercise. You are still losing and keeping the momentum going so give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it! 😉

  12. Mag says:

    28 pounds is a huge accomplishment. I’m sure you will reach your goal eventually.

  13. Kathleen Blom says:

    I’m trying to lose weight after having my daughter and so I find your weight loss posts helpful and I can relate.

  14. Elva Roberts says:

    August 10-Losing 28 pounds is a lot of weight to lose and you should not beat yourself up for being human and not being a robot. All of us fail at some time or other. You are picking yourself up and starting again and that is the mark of a determined person. We are behind your efforts to get healthier and wish you well.-el03ro

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