Fletcher’s Smoked Sausages Hits the BBQ (G!veaway – Canada)

Even though I’m working hard to watch what I eat, I love the indulge every once in awhile. Sausage is one of my favourite foods (I grew up in a household where my parents made their own sausage and, when I traveled in Europe, I discovered that the Europeans love their sausage too!). My dad is always keen to try new types of sausage, so I knew he’d be SO on board with trying Fletcher’s Smoked Sausage that I didn’t even ask him. I just suggested we have a barbeque and told him about Fletcher’s Smoked Sausage and, before I could even finish telling him about it, he was already talking to my mom about potential dates for our barbeque!

Fletcher’s Smoked Sausages come in four different flavours that each have their own unique flavour profile, including Smokie Lover, Cheddar Obsession, Sweet Victory and Picante Passion. With the varied personalities and tastes of my extended family, there are options for those with classic tastes (like my dad), the cheddar lover (such as my brother), Sweet Victory (which is me all the way!) and Picante Passion (for the heat lovers, like my sister-in-law!).

We were able to try the Smokie Lover and Sweet Victory varieties. I wasn’t sure what to expect as my dad (who is a tough critic since he did make his own sausages for years) was also going to try them.

My dad commented that he liked the fact that they cooked so quickly on the bbq. Because they are already fully cooked, they take under 10 minutes to make. He wanted to dress them up a bit (you’d think he wanted to take them out on a date!) so he added bbq sauce and poppy seeds.

Put another sausage on the barbie (I’ve always wanted to say that!)

Personally, I loved these sausages! I was amazed at how big they are (I only had 1/2 a sausage and I was stuffed – pardon the pun!) and how much flavour was packed into each bite. I also liked the fact that the skin was thin and tasted good (there is nothing worse than a great-tasting sausage with a horrible, chewy casing around it!). I thought the flavours were well-balanced in the Sweet Victory and I knew that I’d happily be eating the leftovers in the days to come (which I did – and they are just as yummy cold as they are hot!).

All dressed up!

My dad sat and ate his sausage slowly – it was like waiting for a celebrity chef to pass judgement on a contestant’s dish (I obviously watch too many shows on the Food Network!). He sat for a moment, then broke into a huge smile and said the Smokie Lover was the best sausage he’d eaten in a long time! He liked them so much, in fact, that he asked me where I’d picked them up (I got ours at Food Basics, though you can also buy them at Metro, Walmart and Giant Tiger stores). Yesterday he told me that he’d gone to buy some more – which is high praise for Fletcher’s Smoked Sausages!

And, not only was I impressed by the Fletcher’s Smoked Sausages themselves, I was also stoked to discover that they are holding a contest of their own! You can also enter to win a personal grilling session with celebrity chef Rodney Bowers, a full line of Smokies and condiments (and a brand new Napoleon BBQ!) at smokielover.ca! More information and official rules are available here.

Want to try some Fletcher’s Smoked Sausages?

Giveaway: One reader from Canada (excluding Quebec) will win 4 free product coupons to try all the varieties of Fletcher’s Smoked Sausage for themselves (approximately $40 value)!

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