Starting Strong Monday – Try Something New (aka The Great Apple Challenge!)

This week was another struggle because I did everything right and found I did lose, but it was only 1.2 pounds. I’ll be honest – I was discouraged! After last week’s decision to face reality, I implemented what I had realized and thought it would mark an even greater loss! Alas, that was not the case!

So I’ve challenged myself to do some different things this week.

The first thing is to exercise at the same time each day. I think it could help my body understand what is going on (and a routine certainly isn’t going to hurt me either!).

Another thing I’ll be working hard to do is to eat consistently during the day and eat more “real food”. I’ve found that I’ve been eating a lot of quick meals but I may be struggling because I’m not eating from the whole food spectrum!

My first challenge – the apple!

I’m going to be really frank – while I love apples in recipes, I never eat apples on their own.

I think it is a matter of finding the apple that’s right for me….hence the Great Apple Challenge!

The Contenders!

While at the grocery store yesterday, I chose 4 different apples. Some are new varieties to me while others are apples I’ve had before.

My challenge this week? To try each of these apples on their own and find out if there is an apple that speaks to me (and I do fully realize that apples don’t talk – but I’m hoping one will appeal to me enough that I start incorporating it into my diet!).
So who are the contenders this week?

The first apple up to bat is the Fuji Apple.

Next in line is the Pink Lady Apple.

Third is the Royal Gala Apple.

And last, but not least, is the Golden Delicious!

I’ll let you know which one (if any) comes up as a winner! I’m hoping that expanding my horizons in terms of fruit will also make me endeavour to move out of my comfort zone to try more healthy foods that are new to me!

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7 Responses to Starting Strong Monday – Try Something New (aka The Great Apple Challenge!)

  1. Soozle says:

    I am a Royal Gala girl myself.. When I’m working, I eat an apple EVERY morning for breakfast (along with some yogurt and a bran bar). It’s quick, easy and filling. I have tried every variety of apple available in my neck of the woods and always go back to the RG!

    As far as incorporating ‘real food’ into your diet – that’s the best part about summer (IMHO) – the fresh produce out there! Nectarines, plums, peaches, etc.. I miss them the rest of the year, for sure..

    I have also been trying veggies that are not in my ‘normal’ spectrum like kohlrabi – great way to eat more veggies and try something new!

    Good luck with your challenge!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    While growing up we had a Spartan apple tree in the back yard which grew the juiciest, sweetest apples I’ve ever had and nothing since has met them in taste, texture or sweetness! So I love a good Spartan, but I usually stick to the Gala. I don’t like a too acidic apple and the Gala seems to be pretty balanced.

    Good Luck!

  3. Ira says:

    Nice. And there are so many more! We love Granny Smith.
    Unfortunately in Canada there are way too many “artificial” fruits and fruits that never had a chance to ripen on a tree (even in season, even from the farmers markets), that I doubt there is any nutritional value in them (believe me I know the real fruits and vegetables from my parents garden in another country) Luckily, apples are an exemption to that!

  4. alisa says:

    fuji and gala are great! my friend loves honey crisp apples!

  5. Elva Roberts says:

    July 25-I know it is hard to be struggling so, but there are many of us out here who are also struggling with this same problem, you are not alone. I really love apples but have not eaten them much lately. The very best, in my opinion, is the Honey Crisp-usually available in the fall. It is the Queen of apples. I will try the Gala as I don’t think I have before.Keep up the good fight and remember we are rooting for your success! el03ro

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