When I Was a Kid!

A few months ago I ran across a cool post on Waisting Time entitled “When I was a Kid”. It reminded me of all of the things I remember hearing and happening so I thought it would be fun to share with you!

When I Was a Kid

1. My parents told me…”if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” (which is actually a great reminder as I use it A LOT as an adult!).

2. I wanted to grow up to be a… a writer, teacher, Prime Minister (no kidding!) and an airline stewardess – all at the same time (I was always into multi-tasking!).

3. I refused to eat… liver. My mother loves to tell the story about how she tried to hide liver in other foods and I could still detect the taste. One time, she put a small amount of ground liver into a large amount of ground beef and made spaghetti sauce. She said I took one bite and announced, “EW! There’s liver in here!” She never tried hiding liver in other foods again!

4. My favorite thing to do outside was… go swimming. We used to go to the outdoor public pool in the summer and I would swim like a fish! I have to admit that I miss swimming a lot – right now I don’t feel comfortable in a bathing suit. As I continue to lose weight, though, swimming is the first thing I’m going to do!

5. I broke my… parent’s prized possessions all the time! I had a bad habit of being “rammy” and also trying to take things apart to see how they worked!

6. I liked to wear… whatever my mom made for my me! My mom used to make our clothes and I have a LOT of photos me wearing the wonderful velor stylings of the 1970s!*l*

7. My parents always… made us me visit my relatives all of the time – even when they didn’t like me! I know that sounds silly, but I had a great-aunt who really didn’t like me as a kid (I think it was because I was hyper all of the time) and, even in photos, you can see her cuddling up with my sister while I’m over on the edge of the couch. While that bothered me a lot as a kid, when I look back I think it made me stronger because I realized that not everyone is always going to like you (even if they are related to you!).

8. I thought that Santa was… basically my best friend! I mean…he gave me presents – how could he NOT be my best friend?

9. My favorite cartoon was… The Smurfs! I was so excited when they brought out the movie last year because I’ve always been a fan!

10. I was the… teenager in search of an identity. I tried out many things – goth (though those were the days before tats and piercings so I settled for ankle-length skirts and a lot of black!), prep (Bennetton, Esprit and Tretorn shoes – remember those?) and sporty (a huge fail!). I finally realized I was me and didn’t really have a style and that’s held right to the present day – I really dress how I feel!

11. I got in trouble when… I’d get mad and mouth off to my parents. I share my temper with my dad so we’d butt heads a lot!

12. My bedroom was… tiny. In fact, it was literally shaped like a shoebox, so that’s what I called it!

13. My favorite food was… chicken a la king, though I liked a LOT of things (which was how I got into weight issues to start with!). I also liked my dad’s “sweet beans” where he’d make baked beans and add brown sugar, mustard and chopped green peppers as well as cut-up hot dogs (in retrospect, it sounds horrible but it really did taste good!).

14. My parents always made me… clean my room. I got really good at hiding things in my closest (something else I’ve carried over to the present day!).

15. My first crush was… on a boy named Chris. He was my boyfriend in Grade 1 and then he hated me and then I had someone beat him up (I swear I’m not a bad person but I figured I should be honest!).

16. My favorite toy was…my stuffed bear I received on my 5th birthday from a classmate. Ted E Bear (or Ted to his friends) is still with me to this day!

17. I thought school was… great in elementary school, though there always seemed to be a lot of drama. I had THE best teacher ever for 4 years of elementary school (I recently saw him and told him I’m surprised he didn’t retired after have me for 4 years because I was hyper!). He made me love school!

18. My biggest fear was… heights. Still is.

19. My favorite story was… not one in particular. I loved reading and read so many books that I can’t remember one in particular.

20. My favorite memories… are going to the cottage in the summer. There was no tv but it was right on a lake so we would spend our days swimming and sightseeing!

Your turn! On your own blog or in the comments, answer some or all. I’d love to hear about your favourite memories!

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One Response to When I Was a Kid!

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    July 29-We have at least two things in common, Maggie, I have a fear of heights and I hated liver. I was ‘requested’ to eat it once, and after complying and throwing it back up, I was never asked to eat it again. I remember picnic lunches with my best friend at the shore, laying near the beach and listening to the lap, lap, lap of the waves. I realize now how far away and innocent that time was and how much I enjoyed my life.-el03ro

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