What? Still Reading? Definitely!

So I haven’t had a chance to do an update on the books I have read but I am still challenging myself to finish 100 books this year that I’ve been meaning to read (or on my “to be read” list!).
The books this month have been wildly different but incredibly interesting for a variety of reasons.

The first book I read was Losing It – And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time by Valerie Bertinelli. I was interested in reading this book because I wanted to learn more about Bertinelli’s weight issues and how she managed to battle her weight and beat it (I must almost admit that I grew up with Bertinelli in One Day at a Time and she was an idol of mine!). I really enjoyed this book. It talked about her issues with weight in a round about way – she talked about events in her life (including her difficult marriage with Eddie Van Halen) and how these events caused her to emotionally eat. I could totally relate to her and I found the story very easy to read. It was also a great book because it caused a lot of self-reflection on my part. I’d recommend it.

Though I wasn’t consciously trying to read books about weight-loss, I also found myself reading the novel Teenage Waistland by Lynn Biederman and Lisa Pazer. This novel is about a group of teens who join a student to have lapband surgery to assist them in losing weight. The teens all grapple with a variety of issues – from being an athlete afraid to disappoint his father to a girl who wants surgery but has a secret she’s afraid to share with the others in her group. I really enjoyed this novel! I liked that the book was told from a variety of different points of views and I found the characters to be interesting. I did find the ending to be a little “cookie cutter” – despite some tragedy it all ends well for most of the characters, which bothered me only because that isn’t real life. I think this novel, however, is quite unique and well worth a read!

On a completely different note, I also read Iced: The Crystal Meth Epidemic by Jerry Langton. I know – this book is completely different from most of the books I read. My interest in this book was peaked because I live in a part of Canada where crystal meth has run rampant and done a lot of damage. For that reason, I was interested in learning more about the history of the drug, as well as the some of the science behind the drug. I found the stories in the book to be interesting, and I learned a lot about the science behind the drug but the politics surrounding it, to be honest, got really long-winded and boring at times. I also found the book a bit dated – it was published in 2007, which isn’t that long ago, but is a long time in terms of the development of a drug. That being said, I was glad that I read it because it provided me with a lot more information about meth and I learned a lot!

Finally, I read one of the most interesting novels that I’ve read in ages! Bruiser, by Neil Shusterman, has the most amazing premise for a novel! Bruiser is the novel about a teen boy who keeps himself isolated from everyone he can – to care about someone means that he will get hurt (and not just emotionally). Brewster (or Bruiser as he is known to many) has a special gift – or a curse- that keeps him away from people. With an abusive uncle and a brother who doesn’t seem to fully understand what is going on, Bruiser has his hands full. Then he meets a girl. Bronte, and her twin brother Tennyson (I know, I know – apparently their parents are English professors!) who also have their fair share of problems. When Bruiser falls for Bronte, how will it impact his life? This novel, which is told from a number of different points of view, is intriguing. I found the characters drew me in and I wanted to see a happy ending! Will there be one? You have to read to find out! If you read one book this summer, I’d suggest it is Bruiser!

And have no fear! I have more books on the go – I can’t wait to see what else I get a chance to read this summer!

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One Response to What? Still Reading? Definitely!

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    August 1-Thank you for reviewing these books for us. I am now interested in reading ‘Losing It’ by Valerie Bertenilli and ‘Bruiser’ by Neil Shusterman. You have, to a certain degree, brought some of characters and made them so interesting that I would like to read them as well. -el03ro

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