Dempster’s Bagels Make an Ideal Snack!

Little One has a serious love for blueberries! While her sisters like blueberries too, neither can rival the love that Little One has for everything blueberry! So, when I was given a chance to try out some of the New Dempster’s bagels, I knew that one of the flavours we’d have to try would be Blueberry for sure! I also decided to try out the Dempster’s BodyWise 100% Whole Grain Bagels as well (they come in a wide variety of flavours and types!).

We got to try out Dempster’s new and improved bagels in the Cadillac of toasters! The KitchenAid Architect 4 Slice Toaster was the perfect vehicle to test drive our bagels!

The girls were really keen to try out the Dempster’s Bagels and I was interested in seeing how they stacked up as well. While they were toasting, you could actually smell the scent of the blueberries in the air – they smelled so wonderful that Little One actually announced, “They smell so good that I can’t stop smelling them!” (she has a knack for making me laugh which her explanations but I totally understood what she meant!).



When the bagels were ready, the girls wanted them buttered and added honey as their topping of choice. I was quite impressed by the fact that the Dempster’s bagels were crispy on the top but still soft in the middle. Miss Eight told me that she thought they were “super yummy!” and the next morning, the girls wanted them for breakfast as well!


I also wanted to see how well the bagels toasted when they had been frozen (as I tend to freeze bread products and some fare really well from frozen while others don’t). A week after I picked up the BlueBerry bagels, I defrosted the rest of the bagels and toasted them up. The result? Brilliant! They held up well and tasted just as fresh as they did when I first picked them up!

I’d recommend Dempster’s bagels – they have so much to offer in terms of flavour as well as being a healthy choice for a snack!

You can learn more about Dempster’s (including entering some very cool contests and participating in other promotions) by following them on Twitter and Pinterest and joining their Facebook fan page.

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2 Responses to Dempster’s Bagels Make an Ideal Snack!

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    We love Dempster’s Bagels. My husband likes the blueberry and I like sesame! They do have an awesome texture! I also freeze all of my bread products and these freeze really well!

  2. Elva Roberts says:

    August 2–I wasn’t surprised that you and your girls loved the Dempsters’ Bagels. We’ve been eating them at our house for a while now and absolutely love them. The cinnamon raisen is a favourite as well as the plain, the blueberry and the ones with sesame seeds on top. They make a light snack and a quick lunch with fruit for dessert. -el03ro

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