I’ve got a lot of Barbie in my life! #SaveWithBarbie

It’s funny how some things in society are so iconic – all you have to say is one word and everyone knows who you are talking about.

Barbie is a great example. Yes, she is a doll but she is also so much more!

She’s starred in movies (thanks to Miss Eight and Little One, I’ve seen Barbie as a princess, a fairy AND a mermaid!). She has held the widest variety of careers imaginable. And when she and Ken broke up it ranked with any other celebrity news – I actually heard about it on the radio!

Growing up, Barbie was an outlet of creativity for me. Not only would I dress Barbie in the beautiful outfits that she is well-known for (did you know that Barbie has sported many designer dresses over the years, including Bob Mackie?) but I would also use the scraps of fabric around our house that were left from the sewing my mom did for us all and I would make my own designer outfits for Barbie! I would sketch them out and then sew them by hand. Barbie wore some pretty funky creations, that’s for sure!

And, until a few years ago, I had no idea how much of an impact Barbie had one of my best friends. Even though we’ve been friends since childhood, I had no idea that she was a Barbie collector! She has so many amazing Barbie dolls – a few monthes ago I actually went with her on a Barbie collector shopping trip. It was so much fun – I saw Barbies that I haven’t seen since I was a little girl! I loved seeing them all because they reflected the changes in fashions as well as the changes in Barbie herself!

When I got a book about Barbie, the girls and I had a great time looking at all the renditions of Barbie from around the world (my girls love Barbie too!).

I think the coolest thing about Barbie is how much she has grown and changed. Barbie shows children that they can be ANYTHING and there truly is a Barbie for every occasion!

And, as you know how much I like a deal, I’m really looking forward to the See What Happens When you Save With Barbie program! In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing some great coupons that you’ll be able to get through Websaver.ca (and, if you haven’t registered already, you need to – there are so many awesome deals there!).

Stay Tuned….

So stay tuned – I know I can’t wait to get some Barbie coupons and share them with my girls and my friend! I’ll be sharing this information on Facebook and Twitter too!

And be sure to check out Barbie on her Facebook page too!
Disclosure: I am participating in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Barbie and receive compensation for my post. All opinions on this blog are (as always!) my own.

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9 Responses to I’ve got a lot of Barbie in my life! #SaveWithBarbie

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    I loved my Barbie while growing up! I used to make clothes for her out of scraps and I also like cutting her hair lol (mom didn’t think that was such a good idea) My girls grew up with Barbie and my grandkids will soon have their own!

  2. anniecannieca says:

    Barbies are so much fun. I have a daughter who just loves Barbies!!!

  3. Brandi says:

    Ohhh a book about Barbie! I would love to see that. You’re right, Barbie has grown and changed so much, she evolves along with the world 🙂

  4. I cant’t wait for the coupons. We love Barbie!

  5. Love how Matel is helping moms save on every little girls favorite doll!

  6. Christine says:

    Now that Little One is starting to really get into the whole Barbie thing, I’m happy that Mattel is helping moms save on Barbies!

  7. Brings back great memories – barbies are so much fun!! Thanks for sharing a great deal!

  8. Elva Roberts says:

    August 3-Although I didn’t personally have a Barbie when I was a chld many, many years ago, I have known many Barbies through my granddaughters. Several years ago, I started knitting for Barbie since bought items are relatively expensive and don’t have much ‘give’ to them when little fingers are trying to dress various Barbies.
    I have knitted literally hundreds of Barbie clothing items since then. I bought a Barbie as a ‘model’, searched the internet for patterns and then did some embellishments of my own. I’ve made suits, robes, tops, bottoms, wedding dresses, ‘fur’ coats, hats, socks and most every item of clothing you may have in mind. It’s been a labor of love and keeps me on my toes(fingers).-el03ro

  9. autumn says:

    barbie is awsome

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