Dane-Elec Brings some Bling to Your USB (Giveaway – Canada and US)

There are moments when I simply sigh because I know that I’m going to age myself by talking about something. But my mind likes to wander to the outer reaches (you haven’t noticed that? Thank you!) and I tend to live in the land of associations – one thing reminds me of another, which reminds me of another!

So back in the 90s (*cough cough*), I had finally gotten a PC to call my own (well, my first PC was actually a Commodore 64 but this was my first Windows-based computer). I was going to university and found myself having to carry around my academic life with me in the form of 3.5″ disks. (If you are saying to yourself, “What’s a 3.5″ disk?” don’t tell me…it will make me cry!). Because those disks didn’t carry much data on them, I generally had a mittful at any given time. So I had a brainwave – I bought myself a hard plastic case to hold them. And, being me, I had to bling it out (nevermind that I’d never heard the term “bling” at the time). It was great, it was pretty and it made me happier to have to carry around all those darn disks!

Fast forward about 20 years and my mind is simply boggled by how far technology has come! Not only are there no longer 3.5″ diskdrives even on computers, but the USB drive (aka “thumb drive” or “flash drive”) is something every student needs! These days, even students in elementary schools are using USB drives.

I also find myself using a USB drive every day. Rather than emailing files to myself (as I once did), I can take my work home with me easily on a USB. I’ve found that it is important to get a USB drive that is compact (so I can put it in my wallet where I won’t lose it!), has great storage and I personally prefer my USB to have a little personality (I tend to be like a teenager that way!).

Look at at how tiny it is – perfect!

My Dane-Elec’s LifeBytes Peace USB drive encompasses everything I was looking for in a USB drive! It’s compact (about 1″ square), so I can fit it in my wallet. It also has a capless design and sliding mechanism, which means there aren’t any pieces sticking out, which I definitely prefer! I can also attach it to a lanyard if I want to (which means I could turn it into funky jewelry if the mood strikes!).

As an 8 GB drive, there is plenty of storage (I can load from 1600 to 2600 photos on it, 2000 songs or anywhere from 80 to 320 minutes of video) – I have been using it to store a variety of photos, documents and even music and there is still plenty of space available!

And it definitely has personality! I love the style (did I mention that in my teens I had peace earrings, a peace symbol necklace AND a ring?) because I think looks really cool! It also comes in two other unique designs called Tribal and Tattoo.

What can I say? I absolutely adore Dane-Elec’s LifeBytes USB drive (and I think I’ve got the coolest USB drive at work, hands down!).

Interested in getting one for yourself or someone you know would love one? You can purchse the Dane-Elec’s Lifestyle USB drives at www.wesharebytes.com as well as at various retailers including Target, OfficeMax, Staples and The Source.

Giveaway: One reader from Canada or the US (excluding Quebec) will win their own Lifestyle USB Drive.

Remember, you must complete the mandatory entry in order for your extra entries to count (entries without the mandatory first entry will be discarded)!

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*Contest closes at 11:59 PM pm EST on Friday, August 31st, 2012 . Open to residents of Canada and the US (excluding Quebec), 18+ years of age.*

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