Starting Strong Monday – Apple Verdict (and now for a Veggie Challenge)

So last week I hit some walls – I got smacked out of nowhere with some weird bug and was down for the count on Thursday and didn’t feel the best a couple of other days. Though I did get through the first week of Couch to 5K, I’m going to do Week 1 again and see if I can get stronger with it before heading onto Week 2. (Which is also why I haven’t posted much on my Exercise page – though I have done various workouts I didn’t have the energy to write about them so I will do that this week and get the update done, along with adding material to my Recipe page).

While the scale has still been hassling me (I felt like throwing it out a window this week), I’ve noticed some real changes in my body shape. The extra chubbiness is coming off my face. I see some other parts starting to slim down. And I tried on some clothes from last spring and found that not only do they fit, they are starting to be loose! I also tried on some shorts from a few years ago (they are still practically brand new as I manage to eat myself out of them quickly!) and, while they are tight, I can do them up! It made me feel good. While my numbers may not hit the goal I’d set for myself by the beginning of August, I think I’m building muscle and the proof is in my changing shape!

The Contenders! Who was the winner?

A couple of weeks ago, I set myself a Great Apple Challenge where I challenged myself to find an apple I liked. Well…the results are in and guess what? Not only did I find 1 apple I liked, I actually found 3 (yes…you read that right..THREE!) that I really like and am now trying to incorporate into my diet. Seriously, I have to admit I’m pretty shocked because I’ve been avoiding eating whole apples for a long time so I’m pretty stoked to have choices! The winner for me was the Pink Lady apple – it is mild and sweet and tasted good on its own and in my cereal. In a tie for second place were the Fuji and the Royal Gala apples. Both have amazing flavour and were edged out by the Pink Lady only slightly. And the only apple I didn’t enjoy? The Golden Delicious. I just found it to be too tart (though I think it would stand up well in a pie!).
So you live and you learn. And I’m inspired again. On the agenda this week? The Veggie Challenge!

I also have a cabbage, a cucumber and some tomatoes that were too shy to appear in this photo!

Realistically, this challenge is a bit different because I like all of the vegetables I picked up this week with the exception of one. But it’s a big one (both literally and figuratively). Growing up, my mom tried to convince me to eat cauliflower. She’d put cheese on it. She’d put in one pot wonders. And I hated it. I hated the texture and I hated the taste (and, much as I love cheese, it still didn’t cover the flavour that I didn’t like). So this week my goals are two-fold.

1) To make meals using all of the vegetables that I purchased and to get creative (I’m hoping to share a recipe or two with you in the coming weeks).

Will we become friends? Only time will tell…

2) To find a way to eat cauliflower and not despise it. My experiment with the apples taught me that I should give vegetables a chance. Only a few short years ago I didn’t like cabbage or broccoli (I only realized that I could eat broccoli and be happy when I developed my recipe for Vegetarian Shepard’s Pie). So cauliflower deserves the same chance.

If I can master it, there is only one other vegetable that I am willing to try (I don’t even want to share its name because I hate it so much!). I’ll let you know if I get over my distain for cauliflower this week!

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7 Responses to Starting Strong Monday – Apple Verdict (and now for a Veggie Challenge)

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    The 3 apples you chose are 3 of my favourites as well! I usually go with galas or good spartans!
    I adore cauliflower, but I could see how the texture could be challenging for you (for anybody really lol) I like cauliflower mixed into a curried chick pea stew! Yumm

  2. Pam F says:

    My mother boiled cauliflower and I hated it. Like you, nothing could cover the taste. When I tried cooking it in the microwave – the whole head a one time – I was so surprised! It tastes wonderful and it’s now one of my favourites. Love my Mum but the boil-it-into-mushy-submission style of cooking veggies, really did them a huge disservice. Good luck with your challenge You’re an inspiration!

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    August 7–Congratulations for keeping up the struggle. It is really hard when you are thrown a curve like being ill. The gym does wonders for the body. I tried the Royal Gala apples and I really like them-Not as tart and honeyed as the Honey Crisp but a really good eating apple and to think I never tried them until you mentioned them. We are rooting for you and hope you feel much better soon. el03ro

  4. Soozle says:

    Yaaah! Congrats on your new found ‘love’ of veggies 🙂

    Two great things to do with cauliflower is to make a mock garlic mashed potatoes
    Use it to make a pizza crust (honest!)

    Good luck with your challenge! 🙂

  5. Fan R. says:

    What a nice healthy photos you have. Apples are my fav!

  6. multitestingmommy says:

    You are doing so awesome! You and I have the same taste in apples! I like them firm and crispy!

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