M&M Meat Shops Provide Healthy & Tasty Options (Giveaway – Canada)

As many of my regular readers know, I have spent the last few monthes embarking on a journey to lose weight and live a healthier life. What I’ve realized (and where I know I have faltered in the past!) is with the choices I have made in terms of food. In the past, I assumed that foods to help me lose weight and be healthy had to be bland. What I’ve learned (and one of the keys to my success) is understanding that healthy foods can be flavourful and I should never assume that any food doesn’t meet that criteria without reading up on it first!

M&M Meat Shops is one of my favourite stores – I love the fact that I can buy tasty things for everyday meals as well as awesome appetizers. What I didn’t realize, until I started doing more research, is that there are a LOT of healthy and tasty options for people who have embraced a healthier lifestyle.

And it isn’t always the foods you assume it will be! I know, for example, that frozen vegetables (which are also available at M&M Meats by the way) are going to be healthy. I also know that most chicken products are going to be a healthier choice.

M&M Meat Shops is obviously aware that I’m not the only person in search of yummy AND healthy food choices out there! They’ve designed the goodeating Sensible Living program to help consumers make choices that are best for them! In the guide, you can identify foods based on a number of criteria.

And they’ve made it is easy! No only can you refer to their goodeating Sensible Living program brochure (or download it here, but it has a handy reference key they refer to in every flyer! All you have to do is the look for the coloured dot at the bottom of a product and you’ll know how it fits into the program!

The variety of foods are comprehensive. From fruits, vegetables and various poultry dishes, there are also beef and pork options as well as seafood, hors d’oeuvres and breads, pastas and pizzas and even desserts!

I wanted to try a variety of foods from the goodeating Sensible Living program and see how they could be incorporated in my daily meal plans. The first on my agenda is something I love: shrimp! Most people assume that battered shrimp is high in calories, but M&M Meat Shop’s Breaded Shrimp has only 120 calories per 55 gram serving (which is 4-5 generous pieces)!

They are easy to cook (which is a definite bonus!) and I’ve been able to incorporate these tender and flavourful shrimp into a variety of meals. For example, the other night I had shrimp with couscous and a variety of vegetables and the result was a well-rounded, healthy meal that fit right into my diet!

And when I’m craving something sweet, Gourmet Pineapple Skewer are the perfect choice! They are what I’d call “fun food” and the girls loved the fact that they come on their own stick like a popsicle! Sometimes I eat them frozen while everyone else is eating ice cream while other times I thaw them and have them with my morning cereal. They are versatile and so easy! And, at only 45 calories per skewer, they are an amazing treat for me (and I’m getting some fruit at the same time!).

Now that I’ve realized how many options are available, I can’t wait to try more! For our next large family bbq, I’m going to bring Chicken Pineapple Mini-Skewers and Onion Petals. I wanted to show my extended family that flavourful food can also be healthy!

The options are endless with M&M Meat Shops!

Giveaway: One reader from Canada (excluding Quebec) will win a $50 gift card from M&M Meat Shops!

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  1. Talex says:

    Sep 14: My family eats a lot more salads these days – and fresh veggies, fruit, and whole grains.

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    Tip order a sub or sandwich on whole wheat bread or a wrap

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    daily tweet

  6. Lisa KH says:

    daily entry: September 14, 2012
    We incorporate healthy eating in our family by increasing vegetable portions in our meals and decreasing carbs.

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    9/14 – less sugar less salt

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  12. Athena says:

    9/14 reducing the amount of sugar consumed in the household

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    I’d most like to try honey garlic pork chops

  15. Kim says:

    fan of M&M Meat Shops on facebook (Kim Greig)

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