Starting Strong Monday – What to Do When Life Gets Busy!

I can`t believe how busy things are. It is like that old adage `When it rains, it pours!`and it is pouring like crazy here!

So today`s post is going to be short and sweet – as you may have noticed there is a LOT to read here in the past week and even more cool things coming in the next few weeks!

While I managed to lose another .6 pounds this week, I also battled a lot of frustration. I need to realize that what I’m doing is making permanent life changes. It is about the war, not just the battles (and, if I am mixing my metaphors, I apologize!). I’m in it for the long haul – I’ve read numerous articles that say if you take off the weight slowly you have a greater chance of keeping it off because you have developed lifestyle choices.

No cauliflower yet but I’ve been eating a lot more of this….

I also had a whole funny post about my experience with the cauliflower…but it will have to wait again until next week!

And, if you are wondering how the weight loss is going, here`s the update! Couch to 5K has been a flop so far (I could blame it on my knee, which has decided to flare up — the last time it was this irritable was when I did some running about 12 years ago) but, realistically, I`ve been going to classes and just haven`t made the time to do what I need to do in this area. I haven`t given up on my dream though…it just might take a little longer than I thought!


…and none of this!

I’ve also been eating really clean and doing some strict meal planning to ensure everything needed is at home (or else it is too easy to throw the best plans out the window).  And I have made the commitment to do a spring 5K with a friend – I told her she can help keep me accountable.

So it’s all good! Each day is a battle but well worth it for the end result!

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3 Responses to Starting Strong Monday – What to Do When Life Gets Busy!

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    August 20–Sounds like you are keeping on track-bunged up knee and all! I am trying to get back on tract as well. I find, like you , it is better to leave certain foods at the store. I am slowly learning that fact. Summer is difficult because of visitors, company staying for a few days and grand children looking for their favourite chocolate chip cookies. Hopefully, another week will see thing go back to so called ‘normal.’-Keep up the good fight. We are rooting for you. –el03ro

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    YOu are doing really well. I’ve not been doing to well for about a month now and have gained a few lbs back, but I’m trying to fight the psychological fight that comes with it! Keep it up!

  3. Ester G says:

    Great work! I have started exercising more but have yet to see the results. Good luck 🙂

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