Del Sol Brings Sunshine to Fashion (Giveaway – Canada and US)

Science was never my strong suit in school but, despite that fact, I’m always fascinated with technology and science that can make really cool things happen! So when I ran across the Del Sol website, where they use technology to allow items to change colour when exposed to sunlight, I was intrigued! (Realistically, I was a little more than that…I was obsessed and kept looking at different items and how they changed with sunlight and asking myself, “How the heck do they do it!?”)

Luckily, in my travels across their site, I ran across a page that explained Del Sol’s color change technology. According to their site: It’s magic! [I know…that’s what I thought!] Seriously, it’s the magic of Del Sol’s proprietary Spectrachrome® Technology, which harnesses the power of the sun through what our chemists call a molecular excitation transition. [Okay, so it’s not magic, but it IS super cool science!] In simpler terms, it means that Spectrachrome crystals reveal their hidden colors when exposed to sunlight. NASA explored color-change technology for its space program, specifically for the transitional lenses on their astronauts’ space helmets, and Del Sol enhanced it for everyone under the sun! It’s not rocket science, but then again, maybe it is.

While I didn’t totally understand what they are saying (see my above mention of my relationship, or lack thereof, with science!), I think it is pretty wild that Del Sol has found a way to make colours change in their fashions! (Check out their Color Change page if you want to learn even more about this technology.)

Now I REALLY wanted to see Del Sol’s products in action and I was lucky enough to try out three very different products that use the color-changing technology.

Day Dreamer without sun

Day Dreamer with sun

Del Sol produces a huge variety of color-changing nail polish in a wide spectrum of shades. I love the concept of colour-changing nail polish because it’s like getting 2 colours for the price of one! Purple is Little One’s favourite colour and I knew both the girls would get a kick out of the fact that their nails would change colour so I thought it would be really fun to try the Day Dreamer shade. And it is! With sunlight, the colour changes from a pretty iridescent light purple to a gorgeous vivid shade when exposed to the sun. We ended up being a matched set of gals with pretty nails (I’d show you but the pictures didn’t turn out -boo!).

And what’s summer without some bling? When I saw the Black Coconut Shell Necklace, it practically screamed SUMMER to me! I also wear a lot of primary colours (especially black and white) so I thought this necklace would be a great accent with a bit of “pop” when out in the sun! It’s comfortable to wear and I laugh at people’s reactions when I’m with them and we move out into the sunshine – I’ve talked about Del Sol with a LOT of people in the past couple of weeks!

Without sun

I’d seen the color changing technology in polish and on jewelry so it was interesting to see it applied to clothing. I got a cute Color-Changing Smocked Beach Cover Up- Plumeria Passion

With sun

which actually makes the perfect skirt! I love it because I’m still losing weight so my shape is changing and this piece is really diverse (when I get smaller, I could even wear it as a cute light summer dress because the material is thick enough). It’s very soft and, like their other items, the change in the sunlight is stunning and makes people turn their heads and look twice! I haven’t tried washing it yet but I am confident that if there was a problem, they would fix it because they have a great guarantee.

Del Sol’s colour-changing products are fun and diverse – I love the fact that they are so different because of the technology and fashion-forward at the same time!

Giveaway: One reader from Canada or the US (excluding Quebec) will win their choice of any color-changing T-shirt from Del Sol!

Remember, you must complete the mandatory entry in order for your extra entries to count (entries without the mandatory first entry will be discarded)!

Each entry should also appear in a different comment (do not put them together into one comment).

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*Contest closes at 11:59 PM pm EST on Friday, September 21st, 2012 . Open to residents of Canada and the US (excluding Quebec), 18+ years of age.*


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    I would choose the V-Neck T-shirt- Koi Fish shirt.

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    The Silver Dolphin Necklace also looks very nice!

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  11. Cheryl Grandy says:

    I’d love to have the zippered hoodie with the tropical flowers on the sleeve.

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    I’d pick the The Scoop Tee- Feather Flourish

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    I’d pick the Feather Flourish scoop tee!

  19. daily entry. I would like the COLOR-CHANGE
    Nail Polish- Pretty in Pink

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