L’il Ones – Excellent Yogurt for My Little One!

I must admit, whenever I bought yogurt for Little One, I thought about a number of things (flavour and size of the individual container so it didn’t go to waste were the two main ones) but I never stopped to consider that could be things in specific types of yogurt that would be better for her.

I’ve now realized that there is a type of yogurt that will help her in so many ways! Li’L Ones is the first yogurt in Canada specifically designed for toddlers. It was developed with the help of dietitians and nutritionists and it is a great way to introduce a toddler to dairy, with many health benefits, including DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid).

L’iL Ones offers a number of different benefits.


  • It is fortified with DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid that supports the normal physical development of the brain, eyes and nerves primarily in children under two years of age.
  • It is sweetened with fruit juice.
  • It is free of gelatin, artificial flavours and artificial colours.
  • It is made with whole milk (3.25% M.F.).
  • It is made with real fruit purée.
  • It is fortified with Vitamin D.
  • It is a source of calcium.
  • It is vegetarian friendly because it contains DHA sourced from algae.
  • It is free of fruit pieces to prevent choking hazards.
  • And, it has a spoon-hugging texture that makes it easy for toddlers to feed themselves.

When I chose some L’iL Ones for my Little One, it was difficult to choose because both multipacks had flavours I thought she’d enjoy. One of the 8 x 100 g multipacks contains Peach, Vanilla, Apple and Banana while the other multipack includes Apricot, Grape, Pear and Blueberry. I decided to choose the second pack for her because blueberry is her favourite fruit flavour and I know she also likes to eat grapes and pears (I was interested to find out what she thought about apricots as I’ve never given them to her to eat.

It turns out that she likes apricot L’iL Ones and the other flavours as well! Because doing things for herself is so important, being able to eat the L’iL Ones yogurt on her own was great and the servings are the perfect size for her!

Interested in learning more about L’iL Ones? Check out their website and their Facebook page. They are also running a contest on their Facebook page so you could win some L’iL Ones products for yourself!

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3 Responses to L’il Ones – Excellent Yogurt for My Little One!

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    Sounds like a fantastic product for a couple of my grandkids! They all love yogurt! I never thought that there would be a “better” yogurt for them. Thanks

  2. Ira says:

    My son loves it ! My only wish, though, is that it would be organic as well.

  3. Elva Roberts. says:

    April 16-L’il Ones sounds like an ideal healthy food for my ggkids. I will have to have some on hand to see if they like them.el03ro

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