Lalaloopsy Littles Give Kids the Perfect Patient!

As I mentioned before, Little One has become enamoured with Lalaloopsy Littles. With her birthday coming up, she recently took the Lalaloopsy poster out and started showing me all of the dolls that she would like to get (she’s a very resourceful girl!).


So, you can imagine the excitement when she received a Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient named Stumbles Bumps ‘n’ Bruises! She could barely wait to get the box open (lucky for sure, Grownup Girl was able to get the box open faster than I ever could!). She was ooh’ing and aww’ing over Stumbles Bumps ‘n’ Bruises’ pet bear and she started dressing him up with bandages! The stethoscope is also quite popular – she giggles every time she decides to use it on someone (as it makes a variety of funny sounds) and she’s even taken it to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and convinced him to let her use it on him (the look on his face was priceless!).

Though I’m not sure if she has a future in medicine, she really is enjoying having her own Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient (even though, apparently the pet bear is having some medical issues as you can see!).

The Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient, Stumbles Bumps ‘n’ Bruises is available from MGA Toys Canada and is available at stores nationwide with a suggested retail price of $34.99.

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5 Responses to Lalaloopsy Littles Give Kids the Perfect Patient!

  1. Florence C says:

    These are cute dolls. I gave my granddaughter the one with silly hair last Christmas. She loved it.

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    These look like alot of fun! I’m sure my grandkids would love to play with one! Thanks

  3. I think these dolls are so cute!

  4. Elva Roberts says:

    March 8-I was lucky enough to win some Lalaloopsy dolls and I shared them with my granddaughters,. They absolutely loved them- the tiny features and their adorable cuteness. I would recommend them to anyone with little girls!-el03ro

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