Starting Strong Monday – Find Something You Love

It’s funny – one of the things I’ve always heard is that to be successful at exercising regularly, you need to find something to do that you love. I’ve also heard that you need to find ways to incorporate exercise into your daily activities.

I’ve always enjoyed going to exercise classes (I just find the time goes by much more quickly than if I’m working out in the gym itself) so I found that it “ticks all the boxes” as being something that I enjoy as well as being a great form of exercise.
Finding ways to incorporate exercise into daily activities, proved harder. I really hate walking and running. However, I’ve found 2 ways to make these activities more interesting to me.

The first thing I did was buy an armband for my iPod Touch. That way, as I’m walking or running, I can listen to music. I’ve found that it has really made the time go by more quickly.

I’ve also found an interest that I never knew I had! I’ve combined walking with a search for interesting things to photograph. I find that I walk at a quicker pace as I keep my eyes peeled for something to photograph. While I’m never going to be a professional photographer, I’ve found that I really enjoy searching out subjects for photos and, in turn, I’ve actually started enjoying walking!

Here is an example of one of the photos I’ve taken during my speed walks.

This week was strange as I’ve started a new schedule related to work so I had to work to find the right times to get to my classes. I’m hoping that I’ll adapt quickly to the schedule changes and I’m going to work hard to make sure that I don’t miss classes under the guise of being busy.

That being said, I did lose 2 pounds! I’m now under 170 pounds for the first time in the past few years so I’m pretty excited about that!

Onward and upward – I’m feeling quite positive about things and have set a goal for Christmas Day — let’s see if I can make it!

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6 Responses to Starting Strong Monday – Find Something You Love

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    Good for you and congrats on another 2lbs. I find that being interested in something than just the exercise does make the time go by much faster. I ride a recumbant bike and find if I’m watching a good movie the 40min fly by!

  2. Jackie says:

    Awesome! Way to go on the loss. I love your idea of taking pictures – you get to do three things at once now – exercise, listen to music and fuel you photography passion. That’s brilliant! I’m hoping to set up a tv with the new treadmill so I can watch movies. I never get to watch them and have a huge list to see – should keep happy for a while.

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    September 3-I think your are very smart to do an exercise that your really enjoy because you will probably stay with it. I am happy to hear you are losing weight again.
    I like to combine my walking with weight training three times a week. I have been negligent this summer but am starting to get back on track.
    Keep up the good work. We are your cheering section!–el03ro

  4. Soozle says:

    Very much agreed! I have been trying to walk on my days off/evenings to take advantage of the nice weather while it lasts AND to increase my activity levels – snapping photos as I go has also been a way I found to make the time more enjoyable!

    It’s rather surprising what you notice when you actually pay attention to your surroundings! I am sure I have passed by places MANY times and not noticed a detail until this point!

    I have found switching up my route is a great way to keep things interesting!

    Good luck with the continuation of your journey!

  5. Dreena says:

    It is great to find an exercise routine that you like to do. Music certainly helps for the distraction and sets the mood for speed walking, especially a fast-paced song. Cheers.

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