Bratz Boutique Sparks Creative Play

It is no secret that Miss Eight is completely enamoured with Bratz dolls (though Little One has recently been trying to commandeer Miss Eight’s collection, though she has been unsuccessful so far!).

Because Miss Eight has a love of fashion – she actually keeps telling me that her dream job would be as a fashion designer – she is drawn to the Bratz because they are very fashion-forward dolls.

I like giving her toys that will spark her own creative play, so I thought that the Bratz Boutique was a very cool option! The new Bratz Boutique dolls will inspire personal style with their very own boutiques because each doll comes with an individualized boutique equipped with a checkout counter that features a working, beeping scanner and lots of additional accessories.

She’s a beauty!

She was pretty excited when she received Bratz Boutique Chloe (because Chloe is her favouriteof all the Bratz).

Taking a break

She got busy right away, changing Chloe’s outfit, dressing up the mannequin, doing Chloe’s hair (you’ll notice she has a fashionable braid now!) and pretending to have Chloe buy and sell items to the other Bratz (she was even selling things to the Bratz Boyz!).

I’m happy to see that she still loves playing with dolls and that the Bratz Boutique can spark her imagination!

Bratz Boutique dolls are produced by MGA Entertainment and are available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $34.99.

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2 Responses to Bratz Boutique Sparks Creative Play

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    September 7-Last year I won two Bratz dolls. My daughter and her fiance were visiting with his daughter and two granddaughters, ages 8 and 3. I brought out the dolls and offered them to the girls. I had never heard of Bratz dolls before, but the elder girl certainly had. She made a leap for the one she wanted and the little sister took the other and did not seem to mind her sister’s antics. That was when I realized that the Bratz Dolls were one of the ‘in’ toys and were enjoying popularity with the girls. You have just confirmed my findings. The girlls. really love them and isn’t it nice to give Barbie, bless her heart, just a little competition?!-el03ro

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