Starting Strong Monday – Getting Help to the core with BodyMedia Core!

This week was a struggle because I knew that I wasn’t doing exactly what I should be doing to achieve my best results. From taking an extra day off at the gym to modifying my meal plans (which I know have helped me to be as successful as I can be), this week has helped to jolt me back to the realization — do what works! I did have a small loss of 0.4 pounds but I gained a wealth of realization!

I also did some calculations and figured out that there are 13 weeks until Christmas and, if I lose an average of 1.7 pounds per week, I can be 145 pounds at Christmas! Now that is motivating!

I’ve been using a lot of tools to help me work towards my health goals and I’ve realized that there are different elements that combine for success. I’ve come to realize that when I don’t have enough sleep, I find it hard to focus which can lead to a downfall in terms of eating and exercise.

I have to remind myself that I have what I’m calling my Triad for Weight Loss and, for me, it looks like this:

It was important for me to find a tool to help me in these areas because I find it all too easy to stay up late (and not get enough sleep), to eat too many calories and to skip exercise. I need a way to be accountable to myself.

Enter the BodyMedia FIT system. As they state on their site, BodyMedia FIT Armbands automatically track the calories burned during your daily activities, works as a fitness monitor to measure the intensity of your workouts and monitors the quality of your sleep. It was exactly what I was looking for!

So how does it work? By wearing the armband, you are able to track all of these aspects of daily life. You can then sync your armband to your BodyMedia account to track your progress with the online Activity Manager. While you can also choose a FIT band that gives you access to apps and “talks” to your mobile device, I decided that the CORE band system was perfect for me as I didn’t need to use it with a mobile device.

And the technology is pretty astounding! I have to admit that I’m not the greatest at explaining technical things so it is perfect that BodyMedia has set up an area to explain the technical aspects of How BodyMedia FIT Works. I know that it is important to wear my CORE armband on my upper arm (you can learn why here) and to wear it when I’m sleeping so that it can track my sleep patterns as well.

My favourite part of the BodyMedia system is the online Activity Manager. There is a monthly subscription cost ($6.95 per month with the first 3 monthes are free) but it has so many different components to it that it gives me everything I need! In addition to tracking the information conveyed by my CORE armband, I can also input my daily caloric intake (either by inputting my total calories for the day or by using it to calculate my daily calories by inputting information about every meal and finding out how many calories I have eaten). I have set goals for daily exercise, steps taken per day, calorie balance and sleep duration (which I can change whenever I want to) and I can see how I have done in comparison to my goals. As well, I can set a target goal weight, and the date I’d like to reach that goal, and the Activity Manager will tell me how much I need to lose each week in order to reach my goal!

It’s funny because one of my friends said that it must be uncomfortable to wear the band 23 hours a day but it’s not! It has a velcro strap that I can adjust and I can remove it whenever I want! The only problem I’ve discovered that affects me personally is my own memory — I sometimes take off my band and, because it is so comfortable to wear, I forget to put it back on because I think I’m already wearing it! I’ve been making sure, when I do take it off, that I leave it in a prominent place so I’ll see it and put it back on!

I’ve really found that the BodyMedia FIT system has made a difference in my weight loss program! It allows me to track what I am doing and makes me more conscious of the choices that I make. I am confident, with the help of my CORE armband and the online Activity Manager, I am going to reach my goal!

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5 Responses to Starting Strong Monday – Getting Help to the core with BodyMedia Core!

  1. Soozle says:

    Wow! What a great sounding device.. I have always wondered how many calories I do actually burn during the day (I have a very active job) – and not too expenisve to boot!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    Sounds super interesting and like something I’d like to try! Thanks!

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    Septembe 17-Wow! I think I have heard it all now. Some very brilliant people have put together a device that tracks your sleep, your exercise and your calories -and this from a band on your arm.-This really reads like Science Fiction but, indeed, it is not. Good Luck and I hope this marvellous little gadget helps you to your goal!-el03ro

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