Grace Adele Takes Handbags and Accessories to a New Level

There are two things I know for sure – 1. I’m a huge Scentsy fan and 2. I find it really difficult to find a handbag that I truly love. I’ve had lots of bags that I’ve thought were okay and useable, but very few that I’ve loved.

I’m always pleased when I see a company that I adore (and one that I know makes quality products!) expand into an area where I’ve always struggled to find what I’m looking for because the result generally is a very happy me!

Grace Adele was my latest foray in searching for the perfect handbag . Grace Adele is owned by Scentsy and include a variety of bags, jewelry and accessories that are sold through a network of Independent Consultants across North America.

In trying to find the ideal bag, I could through the 5 step process to help me choose something that would be right for me. The steps to customizing my bag included: 1) Pick My Colour 2) Choose My Bag 3) Add My Clutch 4) Style My Bag, by adding clip-ons and accessories and 5) Style Me, which finishes the look with coordinating scarves and jewelry.

For me, the Lily Bag is a perfect fit! It combines the space that I crave in a handbag (particularly because of the Intelligent Interior that keeps the bag neatly organized with inside pockets for accessories including a wallet, makeup bag, and notebook, as well as space for a cell phone and keys). I appreciate the durability of this bag (because I tend to give my handbags a beating!) and the extra zippered pocket in the back, which has become the perfect place to put my keys (as I tend to lose them inside any bag!). I really like the fact that the snaps are magnetic which makes it even easier to do up if you are in hurry (which again generally applies to me!) And, while the bag is made of faux leather, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference because its leather-grain appearance and how soft it is to the touch.

And the Lily Bag is complimented by the May Clutch. I love the fact that this clutch is incredibly versatile – I can carry it without a strap as a clutch, I can attach a strap (which is adjustable, allowing me the long strap I like to have when dressing casually) or I can nestle it in the front of my Lily Bag to give it an even more dramatic appearance!

The combination of styles is exactly what makes Grace Adele bags so amazing! Each Grace Adele handbag features a pocket on the outside designed to display a Grace Adele coordinating clutch, which gives the bag added style (hallelujah to that!). And, if I want even more looks, I can choose from six different clutches in seven colours which would give my Lily Bag a whole new look!

I’m already making my Christmas lists and I’m thinking that it might (Who am I kidding? It already does!) include a number of the Grace Adele clutches because I know what I like and, once I find it, I want a number of different options to expand my look!

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9 Responses to Grace Adele Takes Handbags and Accessories to a New Level

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    September 19-I have to admit these Grace Adele handbags look amazing and it is so convenient to have a co-ordinating clutch as well. The choice of seven colours makes choosing one much easier to co-ordinate with one’s present wardrobe. Thanks for informing us about this latest handbag which seems to be what many of us want to accessorize our outfits and to carry our necessities.-el03ro

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    Love the Lily bag! The versatility of it sounds amazing!

  3. I love my Grace Adele Emma bag! I just did a review on it too!

  4. Christine says:

    Cute! I love the Lily bag! Have I mentioned that I loooove purses?…and shoes…oh, and boots! LOL!

  5. Oooh the Lily Bag is so pretty! I love the neutral colors, it can go with anything!

  6. jodi shaw says:

    Love the silver one! It’s so stylish and I recently just got into purses and handbags

  7. Soozle says:

    Ahh! I am in love with these bags! I have my eye on the Mary bag – I just love the look and how versatile they are. Very much a great buy!

  8. Kelly Tenney says:

    I love my Lily bag and my Sarah bag! I have both in black, but I think my next bag will be a Mary in Brown. I bought a brown Mary for my mom and had it sent to her. When I finally saw her face to face I was in awe! Grace Adele is my newest obsession!

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