Rubbermaid Cleaning – Get Ready for the Holidays! (G!veaway – Canada)

So the holidays seem to sneaking up this year — one minute it’s the middle of August and, the next thing I know, it is the end of October (how the heck did that happen?)!

Since I somehow managed to miss my end-of-summer cleaning in the wake of the quick-moving monthes this year, I know that I’m going to have to get cracking now to ensure that I’m overwhelmed as the holidays draw closer!

One of the worst offenders, in my world, is the bathroom! With a bunch of tiny nooks and crannies (not to mention the ever-frustrating bathtub!) I always find keeping the bathroom spotless to be an exercise in frustration. I also know it is one room that most of my holiday guests will see so it really needs to be in tip-top shape!

What to do, what to do?

Enter a true lifesaver (well…cleaning saviour anyway!) — Rubbermaid Bathroom Cleaning Tools! They literally have a solution for every bathroom cleaning frustration!

With a Spraying Scrubber that makes it possible to to spray and scrub at once because it has a tank that can hold up to 4 oz. of liquid, I don’t have to keep constantly stopping to spray and then wipe (something that I particularly appreciate when I’m bend over the tub or trying to scrub in one of my bathroom’s tight corners!). And, when I’m working on really tight corners, I can use the Handheld 2-in-1 Scrubber because it combines an all-purpose brush with a smaller, removable brush. With the two together, I can use the larger brush for the bigger part of an area and then use the smaller brush to work the little crevices!

Another thing that often frustrates me when cleaning the bathroom is the fact that my hands get sore easily when I’m trying to scrub…and scrub…and scrub! The Flexible Scrub Brush has made it a non-issue now – because it has a rubberized inset it allows me to get a solid grip that doesn’t make my hands ache! I’ve also found that it makes cleaning the tub a faster job because it has longer bristles are that bendable but can also be locked into place. It makes the job much quicker and, literally, less painful for me!

My absolute favourite of Rubbermaid’s new Bathroom Cleaning Tools is the Extendable Scrubber! Because I’m really short, I find it challenging (and frustrating!) to clean up the walls of my bathtub — I’ve actually fallen into the tub while trying to reach up so I generally avoid it all together to be honest! Withe the Extendable Scrubber, however, I can scrub using various interchangeable types of brushes (that come off easily – another big plus for me!) and I can clean areas that have only driven me to distraction before because the pole extends from 24 – 40 inches! The Switchable Pads that I’m able to use (including a Scouring Pad for all-surface scrubbing, a Sponge for cleaning and wiping, a Bristle Brush for heavy-duty scrubbing and Disposable Pads that are a great option for messy jobs where you simply want to clean and toss!) allow me to make the Extendable Scrubber much more versatile — I’ve even been able to use it with the Sponge Head to get cobwebs out of the corners of my ceiling!

I’m really happy with Rubbermaid’s Bathroom Cleaning Tools! They taken a job that I despise and made it quicker and less painful. I know that my bathroom will pass any inspection that my guests decide to give it when visiting, thanks to these products!

These products can be found at stores nationwide, including The Home Depot, Walmart and Home Hardware.

Giveaway: One reader from Canada (excluding Quebec) will win a set of Rubbermaid Bathroom Cleaning Tools (a $50 value).

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    The biggest bathroom cleaning frustration toothpaste stains everywhere
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  7. My biggest bathroom cleaning frustration is the shower.


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