Bratz Fashion Boutique for Nintendo DS #Christmas #Gifts

Those Bratz, those Bratz, those charming little Bratz! Anyone who has been visiting for any length of time will have quickly figured out how much the girls love the Bratz! From the Bratz Girls themselves to the Bratz Boys, the Bratz Pets and, most recently, the spooky cousins of the Bratz, they are a very hot item!

And my little girls are techie girls! It absolutely boggles my mind — I still have memories of Grade 10 Computer class where I was learning DOS and swore I’d never use a computer again! In this day and age, Little One knows her way around a computer and Miss Eight can teach me a thing or two!

I can’t wait to see my little techies’ faces when they see the Bratz Fashion Boutique for their Nintendo DS!

In this game, the girls will be able to join their beloved Bratz gals (Cloe, Jade, Yasmin and Sasha) to live out their dream of running the hottest fashion boutiques in all of Stylesville!

Stylesville is in fear of losing their local mall and they need the Bratz help to stop this fashion faux pas! In the all-new Bratz: Fashion Boutique video game, players will become one of the Bratz divas on a mission to run and decorate chic boutiques to help start the latest fashion trends.

Girls with a passion for fashion will create fabulous outfits in designer mini-games and sell these must-have creations to new customers to earn money and stardom. Once the perfect outfit has been created, hit the runway and organize stunning fashion shows to model these stylish collections. With more than 100 fashion clothes and accessory combinations, girls will design and create their way to becoming the ultimate fashionista!

Miss Eight is constantly sketching and tells me that she wants to be a fashion designer so I know this game will be a definite hit with her, while Little One simply loves all things Bratz so that will be its appeal!

Bratz: Fashion Boutique is available now for both for the Nintendo 3DS and DS systems and is rated E for Everyone.

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5 Responses to Bratz Fashion Boutique for Nintendo DS #Christmas #Gifts

  1. What a great gift idea. This would definitely keep my nieces busy. 🙂

  2. HEIDI says:

    My daughters would love to play with this! At 7, they are already mini-fashionistas!

  3. Mag says:

    This would make a great gift.

  4. Anne Taylor says:

    This looks like alot of fun! I’m sure my neice would love to play this! Thanks

  5. Elva Robertse. says:

    April 12–I know my granddaughters would absolutely love this Game. I know they love the Bratz dolls so this would be a bonus!-el03ro

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