Grandoe’s Homespun Knit Inspired Gloves Bring Retro Back! #Christmas #Gifts

I was recently telling you how tickled I am when I see retro styles, especially when it is a look that I loved the first time around!

So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw the Grandoe’s Homespun Knit Inspired Gloves because they remind me so much of the gloves (and hats) that I had in high school (I think I actually had a Snowflake patterned sweater too – I KNEW I should have kept that sweater!).

Each of the Homespun gloves are available in four unique patterns: Moose Tracks, Snowflake, Rainbow and Lavender — I think they are all cool (I have a friend who would love the Moose Tracks gloves and Grownup Girl would love the Rainbow gloves because she has a passion for rainbow fashion!) but the Snowflake pattern is my absolute favourite!

And these gloves aren’t just knit gloves – they have another benefit that made them appeal to me! I know I’ve mentioned before that I always have dry, cracked hands in the winter and I’m constantly using various products to try and keep my skin soft. Well, the Grandoe’s Homespun Knit Inspired Gloves actually have an aloe treated snowfleece lining to soften your hands as you wear them!

Since the weather has decided to turn (I hate cold weather!), I’ve been wearing these gloves because I can’t stand putting my hands on a cold steering wheel. I’ve discovered that these gloves are warm and cozy — SCORE! I think I’m going to appreciate them even more when I have to clean off the car and shovel the walkway!

Homespun Gloves are available in women’s sizes S-XL and can be purchased online.

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6 Responses to Grandoe’s Homespun Knit Inspired Gloves Bring Retro Back! #Christmas #Gifts

  1. Oooo… I love these. So unique and personable. I love retro. Thanks.:)

  2. Elva Roberts says:

    November 19-Wow! These gloves sound like a must-have. I have never heard of aloe being in a fabric to help dry fingers. This is a wonderful breakthrough in gloves! No wonder, you are so happy to have them on these cold (and getting colder) days. Thank you for telling us about them.-el03ro

  3. rlee1950 says:

    can’t go wrong with an Aloe treated fleece lining; they sound great for everyone

  4. rlee1950 says:

    Grandoe’s Homespun Knit Inspired Gloves Bring Retro Back! #Christmas #Gifts: I commented on this post

  5. Mag says:

    Aloe treated? That would be perfect!

  6. Anne Taylor says:

    These are so fantastic! I love homemade items like these! Thanks!

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