Barbie Sisters Go Camping – A Toys“R”Us Exclusive! #Christmas #Gifts

Even though I have to say that I didn’t have every toy that I ever wanted when I was growing up, I remember generally being content and rarely being jealous of the gifts my friends received. That being said, I do have recollections about one Christmas when I went to see my best friend and her sister and, when I discovered what their grandparents had gotten them for Christmas, I was definitely green with jealousy!

The source of the green-eyed monster?

A Barbie Camper Van!

I eventually got over it (I quickly realized that the next best thing to having a Barbie Camper Van of my own was to have a best friend who had a Barbie Camper Van!) and I forgot about it for many years.

Then I saw the amazing Toys“R”Us exclusive – Mattel’s Barbie Sisters Go Camping! Camper Vehicle with Dolls! and I remembered my jealousy like it was yesterday!

What makes it so special (other than my deep-seeded memories about this vehicle?)? Well, Barbie and her sisters are ready to go on the ultimate camping trip in the new family camper! This camper includes a pop-up second floor with two hammocks for lounging around in, a front driver seat that converts to a second bed so there is room for all four sisters to sleep, a full kitchen complete with seating for all of the sisters, a bathroom with toilet and shower and even a spa pool to splash around! Includes family camper, spa pool, soft-good hammocks and kitchen accessories. And – the thing that I make this the COOLEST holiday item for kids – not only do you get the Camper Vehicle, it also comes with Barbie, Stacie, Skipper and Chelsea dolls included! (Heck, I never even had my own Stacie, Skipper or Chelsea doll!).

While Mattel’s Barbie Sisters Go Camping! Camper Vehicle with Dolls is recommended for children ages 6-7, I know that both Little One and Miss Eight are going to be thrilled to share and play together! (And maybe they’ll let me play too!)

Mattel’s Barbie Sisters Go Camping! Camper Vehicle with Dolls! is available exclusively at Toys“R”Us.

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5 Responses to Barbie Sisters Go Camping – A Toys“R”Us Exclusive! #Christmas #Gifts

  1. Wow… what an awesome package. I love this. Oh,,, Christmas.

  2. Mag says:

    I used to like Barbie too when I was a kid.

  3. If I were a little girl I would die for this! NICE!

  4. Anne Taylor says:

    This is a brilliant toy! I love that dolls are included! Thanks

  5. Elva Roberts says:

    November 23–Thank you for telling us about this latest Barbie Camping Van. i missed the era of Barbie but my daughters were in on it somewhat. It never really took off at our house as my girls seemed to prefe’r baby ‘ dolls and ‘little girl’ doll. I guess I was lucky as money was scarce then and I certainly could not have afforded such ‘luxuries’ as this camper. However I appreciate how much my granddaushters and neices love Barbie and have knitted numerous Barbie outfits in the last few years and am not through yet. . Long life to Barbie and the joy she brings to our girls!–el03ro

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