Marks Fall/Winter Collection Shows a Passion for Fashion #Christmas #Gifts

For me, winter is not “the most wonderful time of the year” (though I absolutely love Christmas holidays!) for one simple reason — it gets really cold and nasty outside (they weren’t kidding when they penned the lyrics ~Oh the weather outside is frightful~ — they must have lived in Ontario!) and the lack of sunlight can make the days drag on.

One of the side effects of this type of weather is that I find it really challenging to keep myself looking fashionable anywhere (work, the gym, running around town — anywhere!).

What I’ve realized, however, is that the key to keeping myself looking great is to find clothes that look good and feel good without having to run all over the place to find them (as I’d rather be holed up at home — I think I should have been a bear and hibernated all winter, but that’s another story!).

The answer for me has become really easy — Marks has so many options that work together and pieces that can be dressed up or down that my winter wardrobe just got easier!
Case in point: how do you travel from home to the gym with minimal effort, maximum fashion and still manage to stay warm at the same time? Marks has the answers!

The key is combining a dressier piece with a casual piece. For me, the 100 Wash Yoga Pants are a great casual item that are flattering to wear at the gym (as well as traveling to the gym and home again). Want to dress them up? Add the Cable Shawl Collar Sweater over top of a fitted tshirt and the casual yoga pant styling takes on a whole new look! And, I have to tell you, this sweater is something else! It is super-soft and warm, without being bulky, so it is a great one to add to your winter wardrobe (just be aware that it does fit small so you might want to pick it up 1 size larger than you usually wear).

I’ve been scouring the Marks site and I’ve already started making my own Christmas Wish List, including the Plaid Peasant Blouse with Over Print and the Janet Midi Ultrasuede Skirt!

So whether you are looking for pieces for your own winter wardrobe or looking at gifts for family and friends, Marks has some great fashionable options this winter!

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3 Responses to Marks Fall/Winter Collection Shows a Passion for Fashion #Christmas #Gifts

  1. I love those outfits. They really look smart and comfy. I really got to get to Marks. Thanks.

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    There’s nothing better than being in a comfy pair of jeans with a lovely sweater! These clothes look fantastic and really wearable!

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    November 26–The clothes you chose from Mark’s are really classy and comfortable. I have been shopping more and more at Mark’s also. In fact, when I updated my wardrobe this fall, it was the first store I entered and bought most of my fall/winter clothing there. I absolutely love their clothes and I do a lot of my Christmas shopping there as well. I am planning to to get some gift cards there as well. Thanks for the reminder. el03ro

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