Clorox Keeps Your Technology Clean #Christmas #Gifts

I absolutely hate dust and the worst, in my opinion, is when I’m trying to use my computer, my netbook or my tv and I notice that thin layer of dust that likes to show up out of nowhere (it seems like I dust one day and the next day it has returned!). It’s doubly annoying because when I dust it takes so much effort to get the dust off my screens – I’ll dust, look, dust again, look again and I still feel like I haven’t gotten it all! That, combined with my smudged screen on my iPod (touch, swipe, tap equals a lot of smudges!) and it gets really annoying to try and use my technology and keep it clean!

Clorox has recognized this fact and have brought out some new products to help keep electronics clean (and my frustration to a minimum!). I like the fact that I can keep one product at home (Electronics Cleaning Spray, which comes with a micro-fibre cloth) and one that I can take on the go with me (Clorox Electronic Cleaning Wipes). Both are bleach-free and are safe for touchscreens.

I absolutely love these products because they solve a problem I’ve been fighting for ages and I know I’m not alone – some of my techie friends are going to love it when I get them these as part of their Christmas gifts as well!
You can find Clorox Electronic Cleaning Products at various stores nationwide, including Staples and

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3 Responses to Clorox Keeps Your Technology Clean #Christmas #Gifts

  1. Soozle says:

    I received a sample of the wipes in the mail – and I was VERY impressed! The amount of dirt/dust that it lifted from my electronics was amazing (and disturbing heh). Very worth while purchase, in my opinion!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    I NEED these wipes! lol I understand the dust thing; it seems to appear from nowhere! Thanks for this!

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    November 27-Thank you for telling us about Clorox having a spray cleaner for Electronics. I ruined my keyboard last summer because , I was so disgusted at the dust on it, I sprayed it ‘gently’ with a cleaner that obviously was not suitable for key boards. I will get Clorox at Staples and be happy to do so.-el03ro

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