Kellogg’s Healthy Breakfast Ideas! Starting Strong Mondays

I love breakfast – I always say that it is my favourite meal of the day and that I would eat breakfast for dinner every day too if I could! (And, when I make healthy choices, enjoying breakfast foods pays off as I’ve lost another 2 pounds this week!)

That being said, when I started watching what I ate to ensure that I wasn’t consuming “crazy calories”, I had to give up one of my favourite foods. I was having a bit of a love affair with breakfast sandwiches from 2 well-known restaurants and, having realized how many calories and how much fat were in these sandwiches, they had to hit the road! I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t miss them — I missed them so much, in fact, that I actually designed my own breakfast sandwich recipe, but even with my recipe I wasn’t able to incorporate my favourite part of the breakfast sandwich — the meat! — because it was too calorific.

When I learned that Kellogg’s had developed a new line of Flatbread Morning Sandwiches, I couldn’t wait to give them a try. And I was even more excited when I looked at the store and discovered that my  sandwich of choice , Egg & Sausage, had only 240 calories (more than half the calories of the fast food sandwich version that I used to eat which ran about 510 calories!).

I was also a bit leery because I’ve tried other frozen sandwiches in the past and I’ve found that the bread or bun gets dry when microwaving and the they never taste as good as they look.

It turns out my worries were unfounded because these sandwiches are brilliant! I learned that the Egg & Sausage sandwich also has cheese in it (and added bonus for me!) and the sausage has great flavour. The flatbread stays moist and the sandwich has a lot of flavour — I was so glad that it wasn’t bland! The suggested cooking time is 90 seconds (with another minute to stand) but I found that does vary from one microwave to another as it took another 30 seconds to fully cook mine.

These multi-grain flatbread morning sandwiches have a mere 170 – 240 calories and are available in three different flavours: Egg, Ham & Pepper Jack Cheese, Egg & Sausage, and Egg with Vegetables & Pepper Jack Cheese.

While I have developed a taste for the Flatbread Morning Sandwiches, Little One (who is the resident Eggo fan – she prefers hers with jam) is now a fan of Cinnamon Toast Eggo Minis! I think she likes them because they are smaller so she can eat them on her own without asking anyone to cut them for her (she’s in her “fiercely independant” stage!) and I like them because I can make the perfect amount for her, instead of making 1 regular sized Eggo and having to throw part of it away!

And, if you prefer to drink something for breakfast instead, have no fear as Kellogg’s has designed a new product for you as well! The new Special K Morning Shakes come in individual bottles with a resealable lid so you can take it with you where ever you go! Available in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, these shakes have 10 grams of protein!

I can’t say enough good things about these new breakfast items from Kellogg’s — they make breakfast even better (something I thought I’d never say)!

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3 Responses to Kellogg’s Healthy Breakfast Ideas! Starting Strong Mondays

  1. Soozle says:

    I haven’t tried these sandwichs yet, but they sound really delicious! I am impressed that they managed to keep them low in calories but still taste great!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    These sound like a great alternative to the fast food products! I’ve not yet seen them here in Victoria, but I will keep my eyes open for sure!

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    November 28-Thank you so much for the information you gave us on Kellogg’s Flatbread Morning Sandwiches and the Special K Morning Sheke.
    The morning sandwiches sound like the ideal solution to a choice for breakfast when one gets weary of eating cereal every day. It would be so special to have a ‘treat’ or two during the week at breakfast.
    The morning shakes sound wonderfful as well. I am planning on trying both the morning sandwiches and the morning shakes.-el03ro

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