Barbie Collector 2012 Holiday Doll at Toys“R”Us #Christmas #Gifts

While I think that Barbie dolls are generally played with by young girls, there are some women out there who are girls at heart and collect Barbie dolls. One of my friends is an avid collector (so much so, in fact, that I keep asking her if I can photograph her collection to share with you all because it is so amazing!) and I’ve been on Barbie buying trips with her in her quest to find amazing Barbies to add to her collection.

Though the girls haven’t seen the collection yet (as we live in different towns), they know all about my friend and her Barbies. They think it is so cool, in fact, that in the past when I won a Barbie prize pack that included a doll and a dvd, Miss Eight (who was about 6 at the time), said that she’d like to keep the dvd, but I should give the Barbie to my friend because “she loves Barbies too!”.

So when Little One and Miss Eight laid eyes on the Barbie Collector 2012 Holiday Doll, they both swooned over how she looked and then told me I should give her to “the Barbie lady” because they had heard me say that her birthday was coming up and I wanted to get her a gift. (The girls are pretty special kids!)

So what makes the Barbie Collector 2012 Holiday Doll so special? Well, this year has returned to traditional holiday colors and is radiant in red. The strapless gown features rich layers in the uplifted skirt, with a red petticoat underneath, a red tulle layer adding volume and a rich brocade fabric on the dress. A sash tied around the waist produces an elegant bow with glitter detailing. A statement necklace and earrings, red nails and red lips complete the festive look while her soft blonde hair adds a joyful glow.

When I was able to meet up with my friend for a quick visit, she was speechless when she saw the 2012 Holiday Barbie and even more surprised when I told her that the girls had wanted her to have it! She said it will make an amazing addition to her collection and we are planning a visit when I can bring the girls to see her collection in all its glory!

Mattel’s Barbie Collector 2012 Holiday Doll is available at selected stores nationwide, including Toys“R”Us.

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3 Responses to Barbie Collector 2012 Holiday Doll at Toys“R”Us #Christmas #Gifts

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    She is indeed beautiful in her gorgeous red dress! I would have been thrilled to receive her on Christmas morning!

  2. MrDisco says:

    For the hardcore Barbie collector, K-Mart in the US has an exclusive brunette version of this doll. Something to consider if you like getting the variants

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    November 29-Maggie, I think that your girls are, indeed, very special and show a generosity that is special in children so young. You are to be commended on raising such fine children(with the help of your husband). The Barbie doll is so beautiful That it must have indeed a hardship to so Joyuously part with her! el03ro

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