Kobo Vox Rocks e readers This Holiday Season!

I’m an avid reader and I have been since I was a kid. So much so, in fact, that I used to swear the Public Library was going to have to name a wing after me because of all of the Library fines that I managed to amass! A few years ago I tried something new and I started listening to audiobooks — I loved it! I could read them when I was out walking, at the gym, on the drive to work and I even listened to them as I was falling asleep (as it helped me to block out the business of the day). I also appreciated the fact that I didn’t get library fines because the books automatically returned themselves! So the idea of a Kobo Vox e reader just blew my mind!

For the last couple of years, friends of mine started talking about e-readers and how much they loved them (one friend, a dedicated bibliophile, actually told me he’ll never buy a “paper” book again now that he had his Kobo!). Despite all of the positive feedback, I was skeptical. I like the feeling of a book in my hand so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a Kobo.

Then I tried the Kobo Vox Colour and I couldn’t believe what I had been missing!

The benefits of the Kobo Vox Colour? There are a lot! Here are just a few that I’ve found since I’ve been using my Kobo Vox Colour:

  • The Kobo Vox Colour is more than an e-reader. With it I have wifi internet access (which means I can download apps or books without having to hook up the Kobo to my desktop), access to over 15,000 free Android apps, sound and headphone jack (which also allows me to download audiobooks and listen to them if I choose) and everything is brought to me in bright and beautiful colour!
  • It’s something the whole family can use. Little One and I were reading a children’s book on the Vox Colour last night and, when she woke up this morning, the first thing she asked me was if I’d gotten more books for us to read on the Kobo!
  • The Vox Colour has a 7 inch screen (which makes reading easy) and 8GB of storage (which the option to expand with a 32 GB card).
  • It’s cute. Yes, I am aware that it sounds crazy to say that that is cute but it really is! Mine is blue and it is absolutely adorable (it matches a lot of my outfits!)

And I know I’m not even touching the tip of the iceberg (you can check out more features here !

The Vox Colour has quickly become my constant companion. I found that has an intuitive design because I was quickly able to figure out how it worked without searching out instructions. So far, I’ve bought some books at the Kobo website, downloaded an app for the public library and downloaded both ebooks and audiobooks, used the browser, set up my email account and linked up with my Facebook account. I’ve also read some of my ebooks, shared another book with Little One and started hunting out other apps I’d like to add. And that is only the start!

I can’t believe I waited so long to try a Kobo and I can now see why my friend said he’d never buy a “paper” book again! I’m Kobo crazy and I know that I’m never going to back to reading books and using the Internet the same way again!

Interested in learning more about the Kobo Vox Colour? Check out this introductory video: Kobo Vox Colour:

The Kobo Vox is available at stores and online across Canada as well as online at various retailers in the US (and other stores across the globe).

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5 Responses to Kobo Vox Rocks e readers This Holiday Season!

  1. Soozle says:

    Huh! You may have sold me on this ereader!

    Like you, I am an avid reader and really enjoy having a book in hand.. but I didn’t realize the Kobo Vox had access to wifi/apps…

    While I don’t think I would ever stop reading a book on paper, I would really like to check out the Kobo Vox to see first hand if I would use one in addition to paperbacks.

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    Oh, this is on my wish list! I may have to accidentally leave the lap top open to this page and somehow position it so my husband has no chance but to read this lol

  3. OK I heard that the VOX was discountinued? I am so confused…

  4. Elva Roberts says:

    December 4–I had never heard of the Kobo Vox. It sounds like the ideal gift for me.(Next Year?) It sounds too good to be true but i know the difference now. I shall be on the lookout fro one.-el03ro

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