Prepping for #Holiday Entertaining Doesn’t Have to Be A Mess!

For a few years, we used to have a Christmas Open House on one of the days leading up to the “big day”! One of the reasons we decided not to continue this tradition was that it was a huge amount of prep work and the cleanup felt like it took forever!

I wish I’d had some of these products to help me at the time – I know they will be invaluable during this holiday season!

When it’s time to get things ready around the house, I’ve got some products that are perfect for the job!

I always want the tablecloth and napkins clean for holiday dinner and I know that Laundry Powder ZERO will be my laundry soap of choice this year! Because my mom has severe allergies, whenever I get things ready for her visit, I always have to choose a product that is fragrance-free. Because it is especially formulated to give effective cleaning on all your whites and colors with a fragrance free finish, I think it is the right choice so we can all enjoy holiday dinner together!

Because of my mom’s allergies, I’ll also be stocking the bathroom with Nature Clean’sPersonal Bath Bar. Because it is uscented and made for sensitive skin, I know she will be able to use it, as will my niece who suffers from eczema.

And food prep is made easier with the Fruit & Veggie Spray Wash. A few years ago, one of my work colleagues alerted me to the fact that water doesn’t clean fruits and vegetables properly so I started doing some research. Because I want my family to have fresh fruits and vegetables as part of our holiday meals, using the Fruit & Veggie Spray Wash is a must for me!

I also gave up my automatic dishwasher a couple of years ago (I guess I’m  the “manual dishwasher” now) because I actually like washing dishes by hand! That being said, the idea of holiday dishes is completely daunting to me (and, honestly, makes me yearn for my dishwasher again!). What makes it better, however, is a great dish liquid to help me get through. Ecover is an excellent option because it feels great on my hands (no drying out here!), it cleans well and the scent just makes me smile — I’ve been using Pomegranate & Lime and I think I’m going to pick up some Green Tea&Grapefruit to get me through the holidays!

I’m feeling pretty organized heading into the holiday season — with the special needs of my family, and my own idiosyncrasies, I know that I have holiday entertaining covered with this array of products!

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6 Responses to Prepping for #Holiday Entertaining Doesn’t Have to Be A Mess!

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    These sound like fabulous products! We are only having people here on Christmas Day itself so I’m going to leave this place as it is until a few days beforehand lol I hate cleaning!

  2. Cheryl Grandy says:

    It’s wonderful to hear of scent-free products like Nature Clean’s bath bars and Ecover laundry detergent. Scent-free can be difficult to find sometimes.
    I’ll have to try Fruit and Veggie Spray Wash to really get rid of the dirt and chemicals on fresh fruit.
    Thanks for letting us know about these products.

  3. Janet W. says:

    I would love to try the Fruit & Veggie Spray Wash. I typically just use water.

  4. Elva Roberts says:

    December 5-Thank you very much for telling us about these products for allergy free use. The Ecover liquid sounds so good. I wash my pots and pans by hand, also my baking pans. The Pomegranite and lime sounds so good. I often put Pomegranite seeds on my cereals so love the scent. I will be looking for Ecover at my local Grocery store. el03ro

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I just couldn’t do without my dishwasher, although being alone it only gets used about once a week and pans etc are done by hand. One of the main reasons being that it takes for ever to get hot water into my sink – my dishwasher solves that problem for a lot of my washing up.

  6. loucheryl says:

    I really love these options. I would love to use them for my son’s things.

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