Hallmark Holiday Gift Ideas

I think we are all gleeful when we see what Hallmark has in store all year round, but the Holiday gift items this year far surpass my wildest dreams! I’m a big kid at heart so the girls and I have been playing with Hallmark’s holiday gifts and decorating at the same time!

Miss Eight was quite excited when she saw the Holiday Instant Scrapbook Album. She adores scrapbooking and is already talking about the different holiday photos she wants us to take so that she can put them in the scrapbook and decorate with the holiday stickers that came with the album!





Little One, on the other hand, is delighted that she has another new friend! She loves to chatter and is always entertained when her toys talk back so her new Story Buddy has been a big hit! Bell is great because she is both a cuddly dog (I have to admit that I like to cuddle her too when no one is looking because she is so soft!) and she is a fun interactive participant when reading her story.


And I find myself giggling like a little kid when we start playing with the Wireless Children’s Angel Choir! We have the two choir members on the left and they are so much fun! You turn them on, then press the button to start one of them singing. Then (and this the coolest part!) the second angel will start singing in harmony with the first one! I’m planning on picking up the other two angels because I think it would be awesome to have all 4 singing together in harmony!

I also can’t wait to take a special holiday photo to put into the Dancing Lights Holiday Frame because it will sparkle throughout the holiday season!

So, no matter who you are shopping for, Hallmark has a tonne of special offers for the holidays and a great variety of choices!

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4 Responses to Hallmark Holiday Gift Ideas

  1. Janet W. says:

    The story buddy is adorable! That would make the perfect gift for my grandson!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    I’ve loved Hallmark products for so long! I love the children’s choir!

  3. Sarah p says:

    Cute! Love the little angel choir 🙂 Would make a great gift

  4. Elva Robertse. says:

    April 12-I had no idea that Hallmark had so many special items for Christmas and so delightful ones! I will really take a look around next year to see what is available. el03ro

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