Live Clean Spa Therapy Christmas Gifts

Making environmentally-conscious choices has always been a priority for me. That being said, the key is also to find environmentally-friendly products that are also of the highest quality! That is where Live Clean comes into the picture.

My mom has always been frustrated by the fact that she loves beauty products but she finds it a real challenge to actually get products that she can use because of her allergies and sensitive skin. So when I saw the Live Clean Spa Therapy line of products I knew they would be perfect for her!

The Live Clean Spa Therapy line is made up of 98% plant derived ingredients and is free of phosphates, colors and dyes so I know that she will be able to use them with no problems!

I actually want to get some of these products for myself — I decided to try a wee bit of both the Foam Bath and the Body Wash on my hands (don’t tell my mom!) and I loved the scent and the feel of both on my skin! I also think I’d like the Body Scrub so I’m going to look for them in my local stores (I’ve heard you can buy them at Walmart, pharmacies nationwide and selected grocery stores too!).

Or maybe, if I’m lucky, Santa will put some of these in my stocking!

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6 Responses to Live Clean Spa Therapy Christmas Gifts

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    December 10–The ‘Live-Clean’ line of products would be ideal for my youngest daughter. She had so many skin allergies that she kept Calomine Lotion on her bureau to have it handy when her skin broke out! I am certainly going to look in my local stores for this product. Thank you for telling us about it.-el03ro

  2. Soozle says:

    I just love the Live Clean line – I tried some of their hair care products for the first time this year and was hooked instantly! I love the fact that they are so natural, very much a plus for my lifestyle!

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    My whole family is sensitive to most beauty products; so I’d love to try these! I know that my kids would love to try them also.

  4. Janet W. says:

    We have extremely sensitive skin and I love that these products are free of phosphates, colors and dyes! Would love to try it!

  5. roxxyroller says:

    The Live Clean Spa Therapy line looks to be amazing! After your great review on this lineup, I am now sold!!

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    these sound like they might be just right for one of my daughters who suffers from rosacea. I’m glad I read about this and will be passing this tip on to her 🙂

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