Great Gifts for the Foodie – and more! – at

Somehow over the past few years I’ve missed a few things. While I’ve done some online shopping, I’ve always limited myself to certain sites and, as a result, I haven’t realized that there other sites out there that provide amazing products at great prices!

One site that I’ve missed (but no more!) is aka logoI had seen lots of ads about (I love their jingle!) but I had no idea that they were now shipping to Canada! Not only that, but they make the whole thing easy. I’ve always been hesitant to ship from the US because I’ve had experiences where *SURPRISE* there are tonnes of added charges I find myself paying! has realized this and has developed an amazing system! For Canadian customers, all prices are in Canadian dollars, duties and taxes are calculated at checkout, there are guaranteed landed costs (which means no additional charges at delivery!) and low international shipping rates. COOL-IO!

When I saw the Hampton Forge Kendo Colors 11 piece Cutlery Center I thought it would be a great addition to the kitchen! I am always worrying about cross-contamination and this Kendo Colors set addresses this issue in an easy way! Each of the knives is color-coded and has a picture of the item it should be used to cut (such as poultry, vegetables and more). The four colored cutting boards systematically match the knives so it means no more worrying about which knife you used and if you just cut your vegetables on the board where you had recently cut up chicken!

Hampton Forge  Kendo Colors 11 piece cultlery centerThe knives are made of high carbon resin coated stainless steel and their quality is apparent. They are sharp and cut easily! They also have non-slip handles which adds another measure of safety when using these knives.

The bamboo and acrylic cutting block provides a streamlined vessel to hold both the knives and the cutting boards that fits in small places (like my kitchen counter!).

I like what this knife set does and also how it looks — I think the combination of colors gives a great punch on the counter while the bamboo cutting block neutral color will match many kitchens as well. You can turn it around so the cutting boards are facing outward (providing more color) or face it the other way so that you see only the bamboo block and the colored knife handles.

And the best part? The availability and the price! I had a look both online and in local specialty shops and I wasn’t even able to find this set, which shows me that I know I can get things at that I wouldn’t be able to find locally. And, when I compared the prices to those at other US retailers, I found this set to be at least 20% below the lowest price I could find!

cast iron skilletPut simply – I’m in love! Ever since I received this set, I’ve been checking out other things that I could buy at and I’m telling you, I’ve compiled quite a list! One of my friends has been searching for cast iron pans so I can’t wait to show her the Bayou Classic 3-piece Cast Iron Skillet Set. For myself, there are so many different items in the Women’s Clothing and Accessories that I don’t even know where to start (boots, coats, dresses – hurray!).

There is such a variety of great items at that you could shop for your friends and family there and still want to buy more (I know I do!).

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6 Responses to Great Gifts for the Foodie – and more! – at

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    I’m so happy to read this! In the past I’ve wanted to order from but couldn’t. Thanks for this info, I’ hadn’t heard about it!

  2. Elva Roberts says:

    December 18- I do, however, wish to comment on the Overstock Company and their ‘up front’ shipping policy. I also am very leery of shipping and other charges from the Border. I have been badly burned once. It seems that this company are doing theri utmost to prevent that and to let their customers the true cost when ordering. Kudos to them and to you for bringing us up to date. -el03ro

  3. Janet W. says:

    I love They have such a huge variety of different products. You can really find anything at a great price!

  4. stephen k says:

    love the fact that duties are included, hate to be caught with that extra expense

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  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    sounds like this is a site to visit! I love the fact that they actually do all the calculations for you so that there are no nasty surprises on receiving the goods 🙂

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