Hasbro has some fun and creative Christmas Gifts for real friends!

The girls absolutely adore their Grandma and Grandpa’s dog – she is a little dog who is very bouncy and energetic. Since the girls won’t be getting their own dog anytime soon, I thought that having the Hasbro  FURREAL FRIENDS BOUNCY MY HAPPY-TO-SEE-ME PUP would be a fun alternative (though Little One likes to call her ” for real friends “!)

Hasbro says that Bouncy does a lot of fun things. Put your new little friend on the ground and she’ll jump and spin when you’re close! And how will you know when she’s as happy as can be? When you pick her up and pet her, she’ll make happy puppy sounds — just like a real puppy! And she does!

First off, she is absolutely adorable (I swear, I could pet her ears all day, nevermind the girls!). Bouncy has a switch so you can turn her off and on as well without worrying that it is going to keep on moving and barking all day! And the sounds Bouncy makes are quite realistic – it actually sounds like my parent’s dog! I think the girls will love Bouncy and I can wait to introduce her to my parent’s dog as I think that is going to be a hilarious moment!

Darth Tater, star wars, darth vader, mr potatoheadYou know what else I thought was cool that Hasbro has brought out for the holidays? Great retro toys with a twist! I’ve been eyeballing the PLAYSKOOL MR. POTATO HEAD STAR WARS: DARTH TATER because it just looks so cool (and I like quirky things!).

The girls are going to get their chance to enjoy one of my favourite games as a kid with a fun twist! The girls think Farmville is really cool (it is one of those Facebook games that the girls could watch me play for hours) so I think it is really neat that Hasbro has come out with the FARMVILLE ZYNGA HUNGRY HUNGRY HERD Game. It’s the new version of the classic HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS game, but it’s based on FARMVILLE. When the game begins, move fast to make your hungry farm animals munch as many marbles as they can. If your animal chomps the most, you win! I have a strong suspicion that Little One is going to have us playing this game on Christmas Day for hours!
Hasbro, Hasbro logoSo whether you are shopping for the boy or girl on your holiday list, I think Hasbro offers some great gift ideas that are sure to delight!

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3 Responses to Hasbro has some fun and creative Christmas Gifts for real friends!

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    Omgosh, the Mr Potato Head Darth Vader is fantastic! lol My husband would get such a kick out of it!!

  2. Elva Roberts says:

    December 21-I really love Bouncy , the Potato Head Darth Vader and I think my youngest daughter would love Farmville Zunga as she loves to play Farmville on the Computer for hours. Thank you for keeping us up to date on thiese new toys.-el03ro

  3. Janet W. says:

    The FARMVILLE ZYNGA HUNGRY HUNGRY HERD Game looks like fun! Such a classic game. I remember my daughters playing hungry hippo when they were younger!

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