Hit Home Depot for Your DIYer’s Christmas

home depot logo, home depot, hand tools, BMy family members are heavily into Do It Yourself (aka DIY). If you ask my dad anything related to home repair, I’m never surprised to find him at my door in under an  hour (whether I want him to be or not!), ready to make suggestions and tackle anything he thinks he can fix! So, when you get him and my brother together in one place, beware! They love DIY and, I must admit, it sometimes comes in handy! Because they both love DIY as well as the hand tools like a power drill, I knew that Home Depot would be an ideal place to find everything they might need.

Milwaukee tools, power drill, power drillsThough I saw a lot of great gift ideas for both my dad and my brother (I know they both would love to find a Milwaukee M12 Hammer Drill and Impact Driver with Bonus Multi-Tool!), I decided to get them items that meet very specific needs that I know they have.

For my dad, the best gift is the 42-Piece HDX Screwdriver Set is the perfect idea! While my dad has all kinds of tools, they are a real mishmash of sizes and styles and he never seems to be able to find the right screwdriver when he needs it! This set features 1screwdriver set, screwdrivers6 drivers and six mini electronics drivers so I know he will have everything that he needs (and I’m buying him a case so he can keep them all in one place too!). Because my dad is getting older, I’ve noticed his hands get sore easily when doing his DIY jobs. This tool set should also help him because each of the screwdrivers in this set has an ergonomic handle for comfort and durability as well as a soft, comfortable grip!

Husky 22’’ Cantilever Pro Organizer, tool storage, tool boxesAnd my brother seems to have inherited by dad’s lack of organization (sorry guy, but it’s true!). So when I saw the Husky 22 Inches Cantilever Professional Organizer, I knew I’d found another perfect gift for him! The benefit of this organizer is that has a heavy duty construction – which will work well for my brother, who tends to toss things around! – as well as 15 small and 12 large removable bins so that he can switch things up as he adds things and takes them away. Given the fact that he recently cleaned up his garage and organized his tools, I know the Husky Cantilever Professional Organizer is going to help him stay organized into 2013!

Both the 42-Piece HDX Screwdriver Set and the Husky Cantilever Professional Organizer are available in-store at Home Depot stores across Canada!

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4 Responses to Hit Home Depot for Your DIYer’s Christmas

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    We are always running into Home Depot for this and that. I think the last purchase we made was a leaf blower for my dad!

  2. Janet W. says:

    We love Home Depot. We have one right up the street from us and the employees are always so helpful!

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    December 26- I loved the Gift Suggestions for Gifts at Home Depot in your post. I especiAlly liked the one about the 42 piece HDX Screwdriver Set. This sounds ideal for my husband, who is also getting older and his hands are not as mobile as they once were. Thank your for your suggestions.–el03ro

  4. P says:

    When I offered to help my daughter with her living room painting project, she assigned me the task of removing (and later replacing) the electrical outlet and light switch cover plates. I felt somewhat reluctant until she handed me the Autoloader screwdriver and showed me how to load a flat head bit. What I thought would be a tedious task turned out to be quick and fun, thanks to the convenience and comfort of using the Autoloader screwdriver. Now, I want to buy Autoloader screwdrivers for myself, my husband, and my son. IMO: every tool box should contain an Autoloader screwdriver.

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