Nature’s Path Provides Healthy and Tasty Options for All Ages

I’m always on the hunt for healthy options. Ideally, I want to buy things that aren’t just good for me but things that will appeal to the whole family.

Nature’s Path has a line of products that, in my mind, include some great options. Not only are they Canadian (insert a cheer here!) but they also make foods that aren’t just healthy — they taste good too!

I’ve mentioned before how much adore their products but they have launched an amazing number of new products since I first shared them with you.

Some new favourites here?

mmmaple pecan granola barsMmmaple Pecan Flax Plus Granola Bars and Berry Strawberry Flax Plus Granola Bars really appealed to the girls because they love chewy granola bars and I think that they think that the icing on the top of these bars makes it almost like candy! That’s fine with me — I know that they contain whole grain oats and flax, and they are a source of both fibre and protein!

Love CrunchAnother hit was the Love Crunch Dark Chocolate & Red Berries. This cereal makes an excellent snack — the girls love eating it both with and without milk. I appreciate the fact that this cereal is made with organic Italian chocolate, organic freeze dried berries and organic flax seeds which, to me, makes it a great choice for them!

And the Chia Plus Coconut Chia Granola? The girls went crazy over it! They like granola and coconut so the combination made it an instant hit! With 6 grams of fibre and 5 grams of protein, I thought it was a great option for them!

So many diverse options and healthy products! I feel good knowing that the girls are eating cereal and snacks that are made with organic ingredients that have a variety of benefits to them (such as fibre and protein). And the girls think they are having a treat so it is a win/win!

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8 Responses to Nature’s Path Provides Healthy and Tasty Options for All Ages

  1. stephy905 says:

    Oh my goodness! I absolutely NEED to try the Love Crunch Dark Chocolate & Red Berries. *drools*

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    I haven’t seen these products in my stores yet, but the maple bars sound amazing! What a wonderful Canadian company!

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    January 17-These products by Nature’s Path makes it seem possible for those of us with a ‘Sweet Tooth’ to indulge now and them. The ‘Love Crunch’ sounds particularly delicious and the ingredients so healthy!-el03ro

  4. Florence C says:

    mmaple pecan sounds delicious. Must keep an eyer out for those

  5. I eat their cereal and love it and it is sooooo healthy. I love that crunch cereal. Must go looking for it.

  6. Heidi C. says:

    I was wondering about Love Crunch after I saw it in store. I will definitely get some after your positive review. I love healthy choices for my family!

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I love the fact that Nature’s Path is a Canadian company, more power to them! They’ve come up with some good things here, so hopefully this company will do well.

  8. loucheryl says:

    These sound great for my son’s lunches!

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