Stopping Emotional Eating – Starting Strong Monday

The last two weeks have been really busy in the wake of trying to establish routines again and looking forward without forgetting to also look back (I have a bad habit of forgetting what I’ve learned sometimes and having to teach myself again and again).

Over the past 2 weeks, maintaining a routine has helped as I’ve lost 3 pounds and I’ve shaken off the majority of the weight I managed to gain in December. Now onward and upward!

One of the things that I find challenging in how I deal with stress. I am, by nature, a people person but there are days that I wish I had a career that involved me sitting in my own little cubicle because I think that would be less stressful (and you know the irony of that right? If I was in a little cubicle I’d be wishing I had people to interact with because I am a people person – there is a lot of irony there!).

Just as I’ve been finding ways to streamline the logistics of my day (organizing a week’s work of clothes by Sunday night and packaging up part of my lunches for that week in advance as well), I need to find ways to streamline and channel my stress.

So what can I do and why is it important?

I’ll deal with the latter first. It is important because I am an emotional eater and, quite frankly, if I don’t utilize and maintain ways to deal with stress, I will find myself eating like crazy! It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but history tells me it will happen. So the key is to cut it off at the pass before it becomes an issue.

So what have I found that relieve stress?

Though I’m sure my coworkers think I’m “wacky” (to put it mildly), I love having fun toys around because they make me bring out the kid in me and it always deflects a negative mood!

I REALLY want one of these for work -- how could this guy NOT make you smile!?!?!

I REALLY want one of these for work — how could this guy NOT make you smile!?!?!

I also have some fun books that are meant for kids because the silly nature of them makes me giggle (which always alleviates a bad mood for me!).

Have you read this book? If not you should!

Have you read this book? If not you should!

And the words of my husband always put things into perspective. Whenever I’m stressing the phrase, “Is this the hill you’re willing to die on?” makes me re-evaluate. This old military phrase reminds me that if I am going to get worked up or make something into a big deal, I need to truly believe that it is worth doing so. Otherwise, I should just let it go (which is no small feat for me!).

Finally, going out for a walk always makes me feel better (and it’s a great way to burn a few calories at the same time!).

Having coping strategies for stress helps me to channel my energies into positive things rather than getting upset and eating!

What do you do to deal with stress at work?

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7 Responses to Stopping Emotional Eating – Starting Strong Monday

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    January 21-Since I am retired now, I don’t have the stress of working in the public. With 5 adult married children, their spouses, fifteen grandchildren (some married) there is usually some kind of stress every now and them. I try to live each day as it comes, not an easy task-perhaps a little easier now that I am older. I like to read daily papers, try to do the Sudokus and the Cryptoquotes and that is relaxing for me. My husband is a cardiac patient and that is stressful if he says he is not feeling well. I find daily prayer and some meditation is helpful and, always, exercise.-el03ro

  2. I actually caught myself the other day. I was very upset about something and while I was eating something … I said to myself…. “You do know that you are emotional eating right now” Wow… I stopped and did some meditation. Very powerful moment.

  3. stephy905 says:

    I find myself stressed a lot lately which leads to depression for me. My bad habit is hiding it and making it worse. My method of feeling better these days is talking about it, aromatherapy, movies and making someone else feel happy. I pick up on everyones vibes, so if I can make my family happy, I’m in much better moods.

  4. Anne Taylor says:

    I am such an emotional eater and have been, I think, my whole life. I used to make pans of baked brown sugar, oatmeal and margerine and eat all of it when I was upset. I still have issues with it. At Christmas I made the soda cracker toffee and ate about 4 trays of it all by myself as fast as I possibly could. Then comes the depression. ahhh

  5. Sarah p says:

    I have always been an emotional eater myself. I havent done well with stress at all, considering an anxiety disorder. But I try and relax with a warm bath and a good book, I have been thinking about doing some yoga..or learning some yoga..seeing if that could help.

  6. Sarah p says:

    would like to try their meat lover’s pizza

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’m not really an emotional eater and to deal with stress, I try to get away from it by taking a book and a cup of coffee with me, whilst I have a nice soak in a bath with epsom salts in it. That seems to help me a lot

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