What will they think of next? Finding Love at 30,000 Feet!

I ran across a press release and it made me laugh so I wanted to share it with you.

In the age of technology, I’ve started noticing that there is an app for almost everything! Exercise, finance, relationships, headline news — when I think I’ve seen it all I discover that I’m wrong!

But today I learned about a free app that simply boggled my mind. It is both sweet, and bizarre, at the same time!

This new app? WeMetOnAPlane

We-Met-On-A-Plane logo

What does it do? Exactly what it sounds like. It helps you to track down someone you may have met on a plane.

(I think part of the reason it makes me laugh is that I tend to find myself sitting beside people I’d never want to meet again — well, except for the guy who gave me his copy of The DaVinci Code back when it was first released and cost a small fortune to buy!)

According to the press release, the app works as follows: “Go to http://www.WeMetOnAPlane.com and download the app. Then search using your flight number, year, month, date, origin or destination. Our advanced search algorithm, will display search results of all stories from that specific flight that have been shared by other passengers. Recognise a story? Simply post a reply to their story and they will be emailed immediately.

Don’t recognise any of the stories? Simply click “Share Your Story” and tell us your story about how you met that special someone. Was it love at first sight? Then share your story via social media including Facebook & Twitter and help us help you find them! The more people who know, the more chance you have of finding and connecting with that special someone.

Now I would have totally categorized this app as just plain old bizarre, but then I read the story of the creator of the app. A 32 year-old Australian internet entrepreneur named Will Scully-Power is the developer of the app and the website. What motivated him to develop this technology? Surprise surprise….he met the love of his life on a plane!

The story is here and I think it is sweet — and even sweeter that it inspired him to develop this app!

So if you’ve met a dashing man or lovely woman on a flight and you want to try and find them you might want to check out this app. While it’s not an app for me, it was too cute not to share it!

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3 Responses to What will they think of next? Finding Love at 30,000 Feet!

  1. stephy905 says:

    This sounds like something you see in a love story type movie.

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    I think this is brilliant lol I met a guy in Gatwick many many years ago and would have loved to have this option to look for him!

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    January 25-In my opinion, this App site is not for the faint of heart! The founder may have been lucky enough to meet the Love of his life on a plane, but I think most people would like to know their ‘love’ a little better than an instant glow. I’m not really knocking this App. I think it is probably good for some people.—el03ro

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