Kinder pairs up with Barbie and Hot Wheels to make winter fun!

Ah, winter. Notice I try to make it sound like I’m loving the winter but, in reality, I’m not! (Blech!)

The girls, on the other hand, love winter! They are big fans of playing outside but also playing indoors (thank goodness!).

What better way to enjoy a toasty indoor games day then to get a doubly-good treat!

kinder barbieWhen the girls saw the Kinder Surprise – Barbie edition, they were pretty darn pleased! Little One got so excited, jumping up and down while shouting “Barbie, Barbie, Barbie!” (she’s obviously really good at hiding her feelings!). While I have to admit that the Kinder Hot Wheels didn’t spark jumping and shouting, the girls loved the fact that these were “special” Kinder Surprises and couldn’t wait to share them with every family and friend they could find!

Barbie blingThe girls enjoy their Kinder Surprises in different ways — Little One likes to eat a bit of the chocolate then heads straight for the toy! Miss Nine, on the other hands, savours the chocolate first (generally both her own and most of her sister’s too!) and then checks out what toy she has received. Because she also loves putting things together, Miss Nine is always willing to put together Little One’s toys as needed and, to be honest, she’s faster at it than I am!

The biggest hits? Barbie herself (of course) as well as some Barbie bling!

Sounds like fun? Well, you have a chance to get some Barbie and Hot Wheels Kinder Surprises of your own!

Barbie Hot Wheels Kinder

Until February 10th, you can enter to win one of 40 prizes packages available to be won in the Kinder Surprise “Barbie Hot Wheels” Contest. (Contest rules can be found here).

The girls are happy with their Kinder Surprises and I’m happy we are inside where it’s toasty!

Disclosure: As part of the KINDER Mom program, I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are, as always, my own.

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3 Responses to Kinder pairs up with Barbie and Hot Wheels to make winter fun!

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    My youngest daughter absolutely loved Kinder Eggs! She’s too old for them now, but I have another generation of kids coming who will love them I’m sure!

  2. Kristy Wong says:

    Is it normal that I liked Kinder Eggs? Lol #hipmom

  3. Elva Robertse. says:

    April 12-My granddaudhters love any thing Barbie and I spend a certain amount of time each year knitting Barbie clothes as these knitted items help making dressing (and undressing) Barbie easier. Thank you for this latest information about Kinder and Barbie.

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