Talking ‘Bout a Resolution!

So… at the beginning of the New Year I talked about looking forward in 2013.

The best way to be accountable? To stay on track, I want to review my progress each month.

1. Reach my weight goal by June 30th.
I have been moving forward (well, the scale has been moving backwards!) and have lost most of the Ho-Ho Holiday weight! Though I did make some strides, I am not on target to hit my goal at this point. I need to pick up the pace (both literally and figuratively!).

2. To develop my photography skills
I haven’t had time to hone my skills though I have taken a few shots. It definitely is a learning curve, though I have enjoyed what I have done so far!

3. To take time for myself
I’ve been doing really well on this front! I’ve been taking time and care with my appearance and I think that makes me feel more confident!

4. To save money
The savings have continued, thanks to the use of coupons, sales and, often, using coupon on sale items! Saving money has to be balanced with enjoying life (it is okay once in awhile to spend money to do something fun as long as it stays within the budget!).

5. To run a 5K
Still flopping! I think I have to move that up my looking forward list!

6. Give Back to Others
I’ve been using my ability to scope out a deal to buy a number of products to donate to a local food bank.

I’ve also been looking into volunteer opportunities, but I’m surprised at how many I have contacted that haven’t responded! How strange is that?

Some good, some bad and definitely room for improvement in February!

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3 Responses to Talking ‘Bout a Resolution!

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    January 31–You have set quite a agenda for yourself. I am pleased for you and think maybe I will set some defined goals for myself as well. See how you influence us! Hugs. el03ro

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    I think you are doing really well! (better than me so far) Its odd that people you have inquired about volunteering for haven’t contacted you…….weird!

  3. Soozle says:

    You seem to be doing very well with keeping on track from what I have read! I applaud you for not giving up – I have been a daily gym member for years; I can tell you the gym is PACKED from Jan 1 until about Jan 20.. now it is back to a ‘regular’ crowd. This is 100% people giving up on their resolutions because they are not seeing results fast enough or it is ‘too hard’.

    I very much enjoy seeing people like you who don’t give up – it is very inspiring!

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