Matrix Makes One Resolution Easy!

One of my Looking Forward to 2013 Goals was simple, yet complex at the same time.

I have had (notice I’m using the past tense here because I’m working to keep the present tense something different!) a bad habit of not taking the time to pamper myself and make the most of my natural beauty. And, while I think my hair is one of my most beautiful features, I never give it the quality products that it deserves to make it look its best!

matrix biolage logo

Matrix Biolage solved that problem with its Exquisite Oil products!

For this line of products, Matrix travelled far and wide to discover the worldly powers of Moringa Oil….From China, to India and finally to Africa where Moringa is known as “The Tree That Never Dies”. Moringa can purify water, boost immunity, enhance radiance and defy age. Imagine what it can do for hair because not only does it provide weightless nourishment to beautify hair but Moringa Oil is also one of nature’s most potent antioxidant oils.

I was already intrigued because it sounded divine!


After using Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Shampoo and Conditioner for a couple of weeks, I discovered a few things. One thing that I noticed immediately was that a little of these products go a long way — super lather Batman! With thick hair, I’m used to having to use a large amount of shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair because it takes a lot to get my hair clean. Not with Exquisite Oil Shampoo and Conditioner! I only needed a quarter-size dollop of each product to get my hair clean and shiny.

And talk about shine! Holy moley! My hair, though large in volume, tends to be fine so I end up with little flyaway bits — which are really annoying! With Biolage Exquisite Oil Shampoo and Conditioner my hair become sleek and shiny, just the way I always want it to be! The best part is that I didn’t even need to use a flatiron or blowdryer to get these results – I just let my hair dry naturally!

I also tried the Exquisite Oil Replenishing Treatment. It gave my hair even more shine, soft and manageable. Though I used it strictly to detangle my hair, there are many different ways it can be used, including:

1. MASSAGE before shampooing for a smoothing treatment.
2. RESTORE dry mid-lengths and ends for immediate luster.
3. REPLENISH extra dry ends by using as an overnight treatment.
4. DETANGLE after shampooing for additional manageability.
5. PROTECT during blow-drying or prior to flat ironing for softness and shine.
6. ENHANCE the experience by adding to either Micro-Oil Shampoo or Oil Crème Conditioner.

Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil products are now available in salons across Canada.

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3 Responses to Matrix Makes One Resolution Easy!

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    February 4-You have given such a glowing review to Matrex Biolage Exquisite Oil Products, that I hope you may have them in a giveaway for us at some point. These products sound wonderful and I would love to have shinier hair. Thanks for the information. el03ro

  2. Sarah p says:

    I have heard amazing things about the benefits of using Moringa oils, would love to try them someday 🙂

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    These products sound amazing and my hair is in desperate need of them! Thanks

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