2012 Favourites – Marks Yogawear

I spent a LOT of 2012 in yoga pants! They are one of my favourite things to wear when hanging out around the house and I found myself wearing them almost daily at the gym!

What I Initially Thought About Them

HollyHockYogaJacketWhen I tried Marks Yogawear, I loved the colour and fit of the 100 Wash Yoga Jacket! I also loved both the feeling and the overall fit of the Flare Yoga Pants, though I did have to get them shortened.

What I Think Now

WomensYogaCaprisWhile I own many different pairs of yoga pants (and matching tops and jackets)I have to say that Marks YogaWear remains my favourite! As I’ve gotten smaller I’ve gotten new pairs so that I’m always looking my best!

While I intially adored my Flare Yoga Pants, once I lost some weight I decided to go for a pair of Marks Yoga Pants that suited my short self! I picked up both 100 WASH YOGA CAPRI PANT and 100 WASH YOGA LEGGINGS!

And I still wear my Yoga Jacket all of the time! It is comfortable and provides warmth when the gym is cold but it still breathes well!

What Iā€™d like to see
I found the legs on the Flare Yoga Pants to be incredibly long. I would love to see a petite line of yogawear so that I could get full-length yoga pants that would suit my short frame. Otherwise, there is nothing I would change!

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4 Responses to 2012 Favourites – Marks Yogawear

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    I’ve not yet tried Marks yoga wear, but I sure want too! For myself, being tall, I’m glad to hear that the pants are quite long….I usually have the issue of pants that are too short lol

  2. Elva Roberts says:

    February 5-I absolutely love Mark’s clothes. I have not bought any yoga clothes there as yet, but have bought many other articles of clothing there for myself and for Christmas gifts for my family. Way to go, Mark’s!-el03ro

  3. Soozle says:

    I haven’t found a brand of yoga pants I completely LOVE yet (and refuse to even entertain the thought of spending over $100 at Lululemon) I have not tried Marks yoga wear yet – but I am interested in looking into trying it after reading your positive review!

  4. sarah p says:

    I havent tried yoga pants really, just good old sweatpants. Yoga pants are a more acceptable alternative though lol Its hard to find a reasonably priced pair of yoga pants šŸ™‚

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