Feed the World with Kellogg’s Special K – Starting Strong Monday

I mentioned at the beginning of the year that my phrase for this year is Aspire and Inspire.

To that end, when people ask me about how I have lost weight and profess that they want to have a healthier life, it gives me carte blanche to lend a helping hand! With some of my friends I find myself doing extra exercise so that they have someone who will support them (and, realistically, it is also good for me as the more exercise I do, the better it is for my own health).

Last week I lost 0.6 pounds, which is nothing to complain about but I know I still have to find a way to step up my game!

My Special K

So when I heard about the My Special K website, I decided to sign up because there are a number of benefits to using this site. I knew if I liked this site I’d be sharing it with my friends and others who want to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle.

When I went to site to sign up, I learned that there were being benefits to this program.

First of all, it is free! I know that is great for me — I’ve seen other online programs I’d love to use but I just can’t justify the expense — on the My Special K you get all of the benefits with no cost!

Other things you can do on the myspecialk.ca site include the option to:

  • Log my mood, weight and exercise activities every day.
  • Get help to burn off calories with work out tips and a daily fitness plan that is designed just for me (and you will get one designed for you)!
  • Share daily or weekly meal plan with friends or family, via an email link or a hardcopy printout. I really like this option because I send daily updates to my support as a way of being accountable so now I can just email them and have all my records in one place!

Now that I’ve found this site, I’m going to be using it daily!

Kelloggs Special K promotion tank top

I also discovered that Special K has a promotion on right now to help you look your best while working out! Comfort is always an issue for me — I like feeling comfortable when I work out, but I also don’t want to share too many of the bumps and lumps that I have (evne though they are getting smaller!). When I had the chance to on my Special K tank top made by New Balance, I was impressed! The top felt comfortable and also had a slimming effect. I’ve been wearing it to exercise at home and plan on using it once I tone up my arms a bit more (I know…I shouldn’t be self-conscious but I am!).

Special K promotion details

Special K has shown that it is more than just a brand of cereal — it now provides a variety of tasty products (such as their breakfast sandwiches, shakes, bars and chips) and a site to help us all get healthy!

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6 Responses to Feed the World with Kellogg’s Special K – Starting Strong Monday

  1. Sarah p says:

    I haven’t really ever tried Special K cereals before, but I had seen advertisements for their Tank top promotion. I haven’t heard of their site either, unti lnow, but I think that could be really beneficial! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    This program sounds really interesting! I’m going to go and check it out; I’m in dire need of some motivation. You are still doing really well! Be proud of yourself!!

  3. Soozle says:

    What a great sounding website! I use My Fitnesspal on my Iphone to help me keep on track of my diet – but this sounds like it could help supplement what that is missing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. cottagebunny says:

    I think I lik this program.We all like the full cours hot & steamy suppers in winter so it’s really hard to get on track,bu we keeptrying.Wanda T.

  5. Elva Roberts says:

    February 6-Thank you for telling us about ‘My Special K’ , a place where we can log into and track our eating habits, exercise time and our weight triumphs or not. It is wonderful that we have a place where we can access tips for healthy living. el03ro

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’ve just read about this site for the first time. I do like my Special K and often have them for a quick meal, I love the taste. Nice that they might even actually be healthy :-).

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